Mirosław Piotrowski

President of France Emmanuel – Macron finished his tour across the countries of Central-Eastern Europe. He did not visit Poland, but he did not forget about our beautiful country in his speeches. He exaggerated in his verbal criticism so much, that he had to be scolded by the Prime Minister of the Polish government Beata Szydło, suggesting him concentrate more on problems of France. Indeed, Macron feels very confident, when outlining the vision of Europe together with the chancellor Angela Merkel. At the same time he is also scolding particularly two EU countries – Poland and Hungary.

This arrogance of Macron in his own country is defined as authoritative impulses. Following the visible supercilious behavviour of the president of France, support for his person is quickly melting among his compatriots at the Seine. Although media showed that Macron spends enormous amounts of money on makeup and a makeup artist (during three months 26 thousand euro), every single survey proves the further decline in support of him. Although he gained over 66 percent of votes in the presidential election in the second round, according to the recent studies, after three months or presidency, he lost over 20 percent. What is more, 62 per cent of the French are not pleased with his policy. No president of France has lost support so quickly for 20 years. Can one be surprised? Macron announced reforms, but he began his presidency with dismissing his three ministers, a conflict with the prime minister, a conflict with the chief of staff and a commander of the French army who resigned from his post and which was seen as a sign of authoritarianism of the new president. Macron is concentrating on the future of the European Union, whereas in France unemployment rate is dropping, which remains at the level of about 10 percent and among young people it even reaches 25 percent. France has got a negative balance in foreign trade, its public debts is getting close to 100 percent, which is contradictory with EU rules. So, why isn’t the European Commission alarming? In France citizens’ safety is endangered – in this country it is another year when there has been an emergency state. The French had great hopes about the new president. However, political armour which Emmanuel Macron had put on, turned out to be too big and too have for him.


„Niedziela” 37/2017

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