Mirosław Piotrowski

This is a record quantity which has not been registered for years. There is also information that this deficit does not concern all fields of economy toe the same extent. Most people are needed in the manufacturing sector, that is, physical work. Before that there was an opinion in Germany that there is a big number of German scientists and specialists emigrating to the USA, where they contribute to elaborating new methods new technologies. Now there is lack of workers in sectors of more complicated work. It is not surprising for the German authorities. About a quarter of the century people realized that the model of the family 2+1 domineering among them (parents and one child) would not guarantee flowing retirement pensions or other social benefits. It is too big burden for one German worker.

I was in Germany when there was a discussion and purposes of the socialist country were being modified. Although there were discussions about the so-called generational agreement, it was clear that either it was necessary reduce pensions, that is, the life standard of a lot of the Germans, or let the foreigners in (working for these benefits), that is, create the united states of Europe. It is easy to guess what decision was made. When 13 years ago Poland became a member of the European Union, a lot of Poles were thinking of working in Germany, but the government in Berlin effectively blocked this trend, adding prohibition of working there for 7 years to accession treaties. So, they went to Ireland and Great Britain. As a result, in Poland there appeared vacancies which were slowly taken by foreigners from the east, mainly from Ukraine. So, the demographic landscape of many EU countries is changing. The breakthrough is the crisis of the so-called refugees, in fact, immigrants. It is necessary to remind that before it happened, the chairman of the European Council Donald Tusk, speaking in public said that the European Union had to get ready within 20 years to let in 70 million immigrants. Their first wave has already arrived onto our continent. We are at the stage of a dispute whether and how to prevent this wave and how allocate immigrants in the EU countries, that is, select them. However, there is a reflection what will happen next. Recently euro-deputies of our conservative group European Conservatives and Reformers in the European Parliament were debating in Croatia. Taking advantage of it, we visited a big weapon plant functioning near Zagrzeb. Outsiders are not usually allowed in there, but….

We saw production of long and short weapons. Big deal. Most weapons are sent to the American market. The plant is nearly robotic. Programmed robots produce gun barrels, gun hilts, gun trigger. They also weld them as well. The manager of the plant told us: ‘Every moment we can triple production, not employing a new worker. A similar situation is in other EU plants – he added – for example in the plant of Volkswagen (there was a German euro-deputy with us). The phenomenon is being globalized. You are politicians – he said. – So, think on where lots of you citizens will find work in the near future. Indeed, we need such reflection.


„Niedziela” 35/2017

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