Witold Gadowski

We wonder what the nearest months may bring to us. Won’t the reform of the country encounter unexpected riddles? Is it possible to return to the authority by the people from the ‘elites’ assigned for governing Poland by Stalin and later at the ‘round table’?

Critical mass

Every formation lasts till the critical mass of its destruction has been exceeded. The system of post-communist Poland, called the Third of the Republic of Poland, practically lasted from 1990 till 201. Its powers were hidden in unrevealed agreements in Magdalenka which had been contracted by representatives of special forces of the Polish People’s Republic with representatives of the so-called solidarity opposition elected by them. Today it appears to be a banal. Another statement sounds similarly today that officers of communist special services and the nomenclature of the Polish United Labour Party changed their merits for the Soviet Empire into extraordinary economic privileges and special protection in media, in which people of the allegedly departing communism domineered.

This system in Poland has not been broken so radically till today, so that it would not have any abilities to get restored or return. Today there is a kind of a race with time. As if two lines of the fate were converging. On the one hand, there is a slight creating (often from the basis) a independent and serious country, but on the other hand – not only ancien regime but also forces are growing in strength and is getting resistant.

Unfortunately, it converges with neo-imperial interests of Germany and Russia. Money from abroad, also from a promoter of the ‘open society’ George Soros, and from imperial funds of our neighbours are coming in order to cause destabilization in Poland. For strong Poland means worsening interests of German consortiums and decline of inflows of the Russian agents, which have not become milder in Poland since the times of the communist occupation. The problem is more serious than the immediate resistance or political criticism which take place in TV studios every day.

We have a short moment in history when our neighbouring countries have been taken under control and discipline by the United States. The time of presidency of Donald Trump is an important moment for us, which may not re-appear, so everybody (those for whom independence is dear) must make effort so that actions of the new authorities would bring results which nobody will be able to reverse.

Guard of independence

I still hear the question: how, we, ordinary citizens, can contribute to rebuilding the independence of our country? It is necessary for us to make effort together and somehow guard Poland so that there would not be a coup – sponsored from abroad. This guard should take on the form of an organized civil movement. Clubs of Guard of Independence – gathering members of the Polish independence elite reviving everywhere – should appear in every town. It is not difficult at all. We can only meet together to discuss events in our country. Every form of self-organization of Poles is a deadly endanger for corruptible compradors. The network of such clubs should create a form of a confederate of free citizens. It cannot be a new political party, but a community of people for whom independence and freedom of free people is dear.

You may ask whether I do not exaggerate if my callings are not only satisfying my own conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, the situation is serious and after summer holiday we are going to witness a growing campaign of destabilization which will take place with the usage of enormous means, post-communist media and any kind of provocation, which can be created by German and Russian services.

A spectrum of the autumn battle

In autumn there is going to be a multi-threads campaign of spreading the universal history and destabilization of social atmosphere. It will be carried out with the usage of socio-technical methods used by the special services of our neighbouring countries. There is going to be a campaign of fabricating discrediting materials towards the most popular and prominent representatives of the authority camp. I think there are going to be loads of articles written on the basis of provided materials created by agents placed in media. In this issue they will not get withdrawn by anything.

Today one can hear about detective offices hired to follow the life of important people. This all happens so as to add the most probable and the latest threads to the materials provided by the services. The example of such a montage is a book of an author (known so far for taking drugs), who attacked the national defence minister. This attack immediately echoed in an enormous number of media titles in Poland and abroad. This campaign is developing according to the best rules of provocation and promoted violence.

Besides that, there is going to be a developing campaign of defaming the Polish parliament and depriving it of credibility. For this purpose, ‘parliamentarians’, known for communist excesses, will be used. There will also be attempts to cause a strike action in schools, at railways and energy plants. The 16-point ‘program’ of Majdan in Warsaw, presented by a functionary of the Foundation ‘An open dialogue’, proves what real intentions of people wanting to overthrow legal Polish authorities are. A young functionary – accidentally – revealed other sources of the anti-Polish action. This time this is money of a known oligarch from Kazakhstan who, wanting to buy freedom in western Europe, had to join the ‘choir’ of Soros. There are attempts to create secret unions in the Polish army, police and special services of our country. All this so that the Polish country and its organs would be paralyzed effectively in case a command for forced coup would be given.

Somebody will shrug shoulders saying: Gadowski exaggerates, is hysterical…However, let’s consider the facts which say that even the ‘white’ officers did not believe that the Bolsheviks were able to do things which later became a routine. Bad events always start in a banal way, usually. Sometimes we do not even pay attention to the symptoms of a forthcoming storm. It is not hysteria. It is cold way of drawing conclusions out of the symptoms of the anti-national conspiracy, which are visible today. Beneficiaries of the Third Republic of Poland will never reconcile with the loss of their privileged position. They are like bad sparkles which, if only wind blows, will flame into a destroying fire. Here it is all about Polish independence. So, it is better to cause hysteria and be on the safe side than wake up in the country unable to return.


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