A real program of opposition

Michał Karnowski, The author is a publicist for the weekly ‘Sieci’ and the portal wPolityce.pl

I often hear a question why the current ‘total opposition’ (they define themselves in this way), is still aiming at a kind of taking over the authority in Poland by force, instead of preparing a better program of governing and trying to convince Poles about their program? The question makes sense as after nearly two years of the current policy, it is clearly seen that actions organized under the mottos ‘Polish Majdan’ and ‘the street and abroad’ have failed. It is seen that staff and financial resources thrown onto this sequence have failed. It is worth noting that indirect aims, always important for the opposition, like the growth of support in surveys, strengthening the unity inside the political camp, strengthening the authority of leaders, have not been achieved. Today the opposition is weaker, more divided and confused, than it was in 2015. But, the policy for a row is going to be continued, media informal news prove that from September we are going to face up much more brutal actions. Why?

I think that the answer is Simple. The opposition cannot simply present a coherent program of governing Poland, because what it would have to say, would terrify Poles. For, it is impossible to gain authority with a motto of installing the same Islamic ghettos in our country as in France, Belgium or Sweden. And this is a real aim of the opposition. What is more important, their Brussels principals are aiming at it. According to my information, leaders of the Civic Platform were fathoming a possibility of changing their program in this issue, in the European People’s Party to which they belong, so that they could speak that they also are against imposing compulsory immigration fees. They did not receive a consent.

It is impossible to take over authority by offering Poles an economic program based on competing with only low costs of salary when selling the rest of the national property. It was practised by the government of the Civic Platform and the Polish Peasant’s Party and it was day-to-day practice of their governing as the Civic Platform-Modern party. Moreover, Poles have been made to believe that it was impossible to seal the tax system and saying that stolen tens of milliards come from our economy is populism. It turned out that they do and it is possible to fight with it. Therefore every year of functioning of the current economic team is so terribly dangerous for the defenders of the Third Republic of Poland. As one can see with a bare eye that it is possible in another way.

The third factor of the real program of the opposition, impossible to reveal, are issues of an attitude towards Christian values and national tradition. I think that the power in which the Polish national identity has appeared in the recent years, really scared the leftist establishment, both the national and the European one. I think that if they took over authority again, they would do everything to prevent it from reappearing. Otherwise it would cause anti-Catholicism in Poland whose aim would be transferring Poles into some plastic mass without any memory, focused only on sexuality and which other western nations are becoming.

For all these reasons till the election, we will not get to know a real program of the opposition. Instead, Poles will hear more and more hysterical cries in defenc eof allegedly endangered democracy, and the Polish government will face up more and more brutal attempts of interference into inner issues of the country. Where it is possible, the opposition will use another hand to dress itself into somebody else’s clothes. Where they want to take away money from people – they will say that they will add. But not in a binding way. Where they will want to dismantle the Polish nationality – they will make a story about the growth of significance in Europe. And where they are planning anti-Catholicism – they will wave with ‘open Catholicism’.

This dressing up is, certainly, ridiculous, but it cannot be ignored. Although, on the other hand, looking at wisdom of Poles, at resistance of the society to other provocations, I am getting more certain that we will not let others deceive us any longer and this change may be for longer, though.


„Niedziela” 35/2017

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