During eight governing years of the coalition the Civic Platform party and The Polish People’s Alliance, vectors of propaganda of these formations and media favouring them (about 95 per cent of information) changed quite frequently. First there was a conciliation with Russia (unsuccessful), then investments (overpaid and unfinished), finally promotions of Polish politicians in the structures of Brussels (good for them, but not necessarily for Poland). However, one vector was steadfast and consistently realized: attempts of reducing the Polish rightist party to extremist groups. The slightest outburst of emotions, the most innocent demonstration, the quietest whistle at a graveyard or a brawl of fans not having anything in common with politics, the most ordinary meeting of the discontent were presented as evidence for fascism lurking from behind a corner. Such priests were to ‘keep away from politics’. All this was to prove preparations of taking over the authority by force. And even when people demanded honest counting votes after local elections in 2014, they heard from president Bronislaw Komorowski that they were presenting ‘depths of madness’.

Because, for the authority of that time, what was the most important, was law, country, democracy and social peace. Anyway they thought so.

Finally, there was 2015. An important political breakthrough, but how democratic. At that time the seat in the parlament gained by the government could be thought as unusually strong, as gained despite the opinion of media, big business, opinion from abroad and actions of various special services. This is a seat in the parliament but the presidential one. We should remember: over 50 percent of Poles personally pointed to president Andrzej Duda. Poles expressed their clear attitude for the basic change in the Polish politics. And they have a reason to think that their demands are met.

And we found out what people our ‘democrats and statesmen’ were really like. We can say that they let the cat out of the bag. People governing Poland for eight years, in fact, in a wider dimension, for a quarter of the century, since the first days after the unsuccessful election, are aiming at annulling the result of the election. They did not hesitate to beg European powerful countries to intervene or to impose sanction, write libels, call for boycotts. When it failed, they tried mass demonstrations. But they did not go out further than the group of beneficiaries of previous systems or people slightly infected by propaganda. For a few months, about which I have already written, also on pages of ‘Niedziela’, it is clear that it is impossible to reverse the electoral decision of 2015. Therefore, ‘democrats and statesmen’ decided on a more extreme variant: violence. Classical militias took action, in order to destroy the social life. Blocking the Seym, physical attacks on MEPs, attacks on independent journalists and destroying their equipment, convening the previous group of people at the Seym by propagandists and encouraging them to take a direct action – all this took place in the mid of December. The plan was quite simple: MEPs of the opposition are paralyzing the Seym from inside, under any kind of pretext, the parliament cannot function or enact budget, and outraged crowd, including the former Security Service Officials and military men, are entering the parliament by force. And we have what it has been thought since the beginning – a kind of bloody Maidan. A kind of breakthrough. A new phase. An influential chief of an economic (sic!) magazine ‘Forbes’ (German capital) Michał Broniatowski published even a detailed instruction how to make a copy of the Ukrainian coup in Poland. The falsehood of this comparison is obvious: Ukrainian Maidan opposed to corruption and oligarchs, ours would be in defence of those pathologies. I do not know who one must be in order to wish Poland this fate, in defence of right to forage on the common welfare. Well, who will forbade a stronger one? Now even priests are called to get engaged in politics, that is, action against the current government. But the Church in Poland is wiser, much wiser than they think.

This December plan of the radical opposition was not successful, but, certainly, there are going to be the next ones. Because changes in Poland, including reduction of thefts, are introduced consistently and definitely. Because establishment of the Third Republic of Poland tells us clearly: either we will govern, or we will concoct a hell to you. Real spiritual children of Targowica. Luckily, this time, everything proves they will not win.


„Niedziela” 02/2017

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