Agnieszka Porzezińska talks with Fr. Marek Dziewiecki, a psychologist, and a therapist about the social campaign of the LGBT organization, supported by representatives of Catholic groups of newspapers ‘Znak’, Więź’ and ‘Tygodnik Powszechny’

AGNIESZKA PORZEZIŃSKA: – What does Priest think about the campaign ‘Let’s pass over the sign of peace to one another’? Authors treat it as an appeal for respect towards homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals. Does Priest understand the message of the campaign in this way?

FR. MAREK DZIEWIECKI: – This campaign is another sign of actions of homosexual activists. They represent only themselves. Even if there are baptized people among them, not only do they not represent believers in Jesus, but they even do not represent those who have homosexual tendencies. For, most people of such tendencies are aware that something painful happened in their lives, that they have difficulties with their own identity, with building closer relations with people of opposite sex or fulfilling the first order of God: ‘Be fertile and breed yourselves!’.
Homosexual activists from the sign of the Campaign Against Homophobia, the group ‘Faith and Rainbow’ and Associations for LGBT People Tolerado do not need any conciliation or a sign of peace in reference to the Church, as the Church has never denounced a war on them. These groups rather need conciliation with this majority of homosexual people who want to change their lives, who want to maintain their chastity, who are looking for therapeutic help. Perversity of gay activists is pursuing an aggressive war against homosexuals fighting for a return to normality, while they pretend to be people of peace and stretch out a hand to those Christians who rejected teaching of Jesus in morality issues.

– Don’t you feel sorry that a group of Catholics from the group of ‘Znak’, ‘Więź’, ‘Tygodnik Powszechny’ joined the campaign of ‘peace’?

– This is a worrying fact but it does not surprise. In the whole history of the Church we meet such people who are trying to reform Jesus and choose from the Gospel what they find convenient, and they try to ‘justify’ their weaknesses or gain temporary advantages or privileges in this way. This all will pass, whereas Jesus and His truth will remain.

– Is this sign of peace to be only an expression of respect in this particular matter?

– In this particular matter the sign of peace is a sign of perversity, and nothing else. The whole campaign is aimed at shutting mouths of those Catholics who treat teaching of Jesus and His Gospel seriously. The Bible teaches respect to all people but this is just respect from which the duty of telling truth to our neighbours about their behavior. Jesus states definitely: ‘If your brother has lost his right way, go and reprimand him’. The Church is consistently reprimanding us that the very homosexual tendency is not a sin, like erotic desire towards people of different sex is not a sin. Whereas the sin is succumbing to this desire, that is, following the sex desire more than love or responsibility.

– What is a real respect to another man?

– Respect to another man means that I see God’s child in him, that I want his salvation, and that I show him love. Jesus teaches us that the way of showing love depends on the attitude of this person. Otherwise we mistake love as naivety or the so-called acceptance or tolerance. Jesus loved people, not accepted or tolerated them. He showed them love in such a way so as to mobilize them to development and to enter onto a road of holiness. He told lost people about love by reprimanding them and calling them for conversion. He told perverted and pharisaic people about love when he was publicly unmasking them and defending from them.
It is impossible to show respect to another man if the starting point in a contact with another person is an escape from the truth, manipulation or hypocrisy. Respect to another man of heterosexual tendency, that is, reminding him that the man is called by God for love and chastity, not to be driven by sexual desire. The Bible is very clear about it here.

– Can Priest remind what the teaching of the Catholic Church about homosexuality is?

– This teaching is completely unambiguous and unchangeable. Each of us should perceive God’s children in people of homosexual tendencies and love these people. Whereas – as I said earlier – the way of showing love to these people depends on the way of behavior (see the Catechism of the Catholic Church no 2357- 2359). Pope Francis often said that he does not change anything in the teaching of Jesus and he also expresses his respect and love to homosexual people patiently and in a friendly way. Those who want to overcome their frailty, are grateful to him for it. Whereas gay activists perversely respond to it, that is, they want to make the Pope believe that he departs from the teaching of Jesus.

– Can the single-sex relationships be acknowledged as morally good?

– For those who respect God and His commandments, the answer is unambiguous: no! God calls only the man and the woman for marriage. And only those men and those women who express love to each other – faithfully till their death – that they want to have children together.

– The purpose of this campaign is to remind – here a quotation – that ‘these are Christian values from which there appears a necessity of an attitude of respect, openness and friendly dialogue towards all people, including the homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals’. What do openness and friendly dialogue mean in this context?

– For gay activists openness and friendly dialogue mean that they mock at God and human exceptional nature, reducing people to sexual impulse and Jesus’ disciples are to approve of this attitude or at least keep silent in helplessness. It is impossible to build a dialogue with somebody who is trying to manipulate us and who wants to make us accomplices of evil.

– Does Priest think that this campaign is a deliberate action aimed at blurring the memory about the World Youth Days, on which Pope Francis spoke about particular and demanding moral suggestion for the young generation?

– Certainly, it is one of purposes of the perverse action. It is difficult for gay activists to get consoled with the fact that also in XXI century millions of young people are following Jesus and want to live according to His commandments and want to learn love from Him. It is difficult for gays and their media accomplices to get consoled with the fact that during parades of pride in their sexual impulse, a few hundred people gather in Poland, whereas during parades of pride in Jesus and His sacrificial love hundred thousands of young people gather.
Perversity of gay activists has no boundaries. Every day they behave against God, but when they want to manipulate people of good will, suddenly they ‘become religious’ and refer to principles of the Gospel. Luckily Jesus predicted such situations and two thousand years ago he explained that we should be not only good and as chaste as pigeons but also as prudent and cunning as snakes.


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