Practically there has not been an investigation about the catastrophe at Smoleńsk, and findings of Miller’s commission and procurators were to be adjusted to Russian findings. Such terrifying conclusions come from documents revealed by a sub-commission of Smoleńsk

After half-a-year work the sub-commission of Smoleńsk decided to share its latest findings with the public opinion, as well as documents which were found during a query in various institutions. – We do not know what happened in Smoleńsk. Our commission was appointed to explain the cause of the catastrophe – dr. Wacław Berczyński, a chief of the commission in the National Defence Ministry, for a re-investigation of the Smoleńsk catastrophe, said during a press conference.

The commission is getting prepared for investigation of the airplane wing in an aerodynamic tunnel, is hearing witnesses and is reading data which were concealed from the public opinion.

They investigated nothing, nor they did not bring anything

Officially the sub-commission in the National Defence Ministry was appointed to re-investigate the causes of the catastrophe, but the revealed documents prove that the commission has been dealing with it for the first time because the previous one was only pretending to be investigating the causes of the catastrophe.

In order to prove it, a memo of Stanisław Żurkowski, a chief of the technical sub- commission, in the Commission for Air Crashes Investigation, from August 2010 was shown. It reveals that Polish experts were not allowed to investigate this wreckage. They did not take part in investigation of the wreckages of the airplane, did not have any documentation of such investigations carried out by the Russians or even information about any plans of carrying out such investigations. Polish ‘experts’ did not contact the producer of the airplane, the producer of the engines or the company which was repairing the Tupolew airplane. The most significant answer to the 9th and the last question of Żurowski: Did they bring anything to the technical commission from Russia? – ‘They brought nothing’ – it was written on paper which was also on the desk of Donald Tusk, the prime minister at that time. We should remember that it was the time of rebuilding relations between Polish Republic and the Russian Federation, and the prime minister was praising the perfect cooperation with Moscow.

The fact that Polish experts did not have a free access to the place of the airplane crash on the first days after 10 April is proved by other notes found in documents of the Air Crash Investigation Commission. Despite important pass cards, Polish experts had difficult access – or they did not have a possibility at all – to the area of the crash on the first days after the event. They might have managed to see and investigate something but there was a lot of missing information, which is proved by the notes of that time.

Commission supervised by Tusk

One more shocking evidence was revealed at a conference proving that Jerzy Miller, the chief of the Inner Ministry at that time did not want to define the causes of the catastrophe. During a meeting with members of the commission on 28 April 2010 he said that Polish findings must converge with the Russia ones, otherwise there would appear some conspiracy theories. What is more, he pointed to the necessity of ‘synchronization’ of investigations and findings of not only the Polish commission with the Russian ones, but also a separate investigation carried out by procurators. – Either we will take care of giving the same information, which does not favour building myths or suspicions, or we will make a weapon against us – said Miller. The minister also said that nearly all decisions were also on the desk of Donald Tusk, as the prime minister ‘reserved the right for personal supervision’.

It means that Miller’s commission has been functioning from the very beginning not to define the truth about the causes of the catastrophe, but to define a kind of a thesis. The findings were to be adjusted to the current policy of the government and social atmosphere. One can suspect that experts deliberately gave up many investigations, in order not to discover anything unsuitable. – For me it is shocking. What is strange is the fact that the chairperson Jerzy Miller had indicated before the investigation, what result of the investigations had to be – says dr. Wacław Berczyński.

During the presentation, it was also said that there were manipulations of data from the black boxes. Even 5 last seconds of the flight were removed from the Russian recorder, as well as data of trajectory end at the ‘famous’ birch. Moreover, data from the Polish black box were removed and replaced by the Russian data, which might have been realization of guidelines of minister Miller. At this speed, the airplane does nearly 0.5 kilometer within 5 seconds.

The commission managed to find complete data from the Polish black box ATM and at present they are being read off. – We will inform the public opinion about next findings of our commission, as soon as we have new data. But today we can say that very essential data from the previous reports were false – Berczyński emphasizes.


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