‘Let’s pass the sign of peace to one another’ – these words taken from the liturgy of the Holy Mass were used as a motto in an odd social campaign, finansed with much odder Money of a foundation belonging to George Soros and aimed at ‘peacemaking’ of homosexual groups with the Church or with the Catholics. One can feel hypocrisy of the whole plan from a distance

Indeed, it does not result from the very motto, the abbreviated one by necessity, but from opinions of the action’s supporters – representatives of both the LGNT groups and a liberal group, that the Church should admit its fault, or it would be better if it eradicated some sentences from the Holy Scripture or put away some works of Church Fathers onto shelves and began being embarrassed for some documents written by popes and the Holy See in general. Only then, as it seems, the campaign would achieve its goal, and its creators could succeed.

Now, let’s explain. The constitutional Church is not the enemy of homosexual people. In various statements, at various levels, it is often emphasized that the Church does not condemn homosexuals, but the very homosexual acts. However, liberal media are not so much unable but they do not want to notice the first part of this message for obvious reasons. Omitting this essential part of the Church teaching and also misleading the public opinion, they want to make people believe that it is the Church which breaches the most important commandment of love to God and a neighbor, as it excludes the group of homosexual people. The Church is not the enemy of anybody except for satan.

In the relation LGBT – the Church, the enemies of the Church are ‘rainbow’ groups. It is proved in various ways. One can only have a look at websites, portals to find a lot of texts diverging from the symbolism of the stretched out hands. We are also familiar with cases of the physical attack on churches – for example Argentina – or their desecration – France. Cases of suing priests to court for sermons or homilies are already popular in the West. We can just mention that in the recent time feminist and gays’ groups aimed their attack at the Spanish cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera, who was accused of ‘a crime of hatred’. He became a ‘criminal’ because of what he believes and what he is obliged to teach about.

On a poster of the Polish social campaign, beside the mentioned motto, there are clamped hands in a friendly gesture. In this way they encourage to resign from the Church teaching. We cannot agree to it.


„Niedziela” 38/2016

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