One can say that Poland Has Got a reason to be glad, in spite of our various enemies, both the native and foreign ones. John Paul II would say ‘Poland, my Homeland, be glad’.

The World Youth Days have ended, and they were a great experience not only for the Catholics, but also for the young.

We can be proud of the great organization of this event, everything in a suitable style, was proceeding with dignity and beautifully. Pope Francis, did not conceal emotions or admiration.

The young from all over the world were enthralled with Poland – our faith, hospitality, kindness, simply – with a beautiful welcome according to the Old-Polish tradition – ‘the richer a cottage is, the happier it is’.

Parishes, priests and inhabitants were doing everything so that young newcomers from all over the world feel as best as possibile and get to know Poland a bit at least.

Crowds of million people – explosion of Joy, colours, music and prayer – touching scenes – young faces cuddling an image of Merciful Jesus with such a trustfulness, about which we can only read in the ‘Diary’ of St. Faustine.

The atmosphere of fear disappeared completely, so much present in the most important EU countries after the recent assassinations in Nicea, Munich and other places of Europe.

Before that, various hostile media and individuals had been trying to scare us, and now it is so difficult for them to express acknowledgment for Poland, the current government, president, although every objective observer must admit that everything was at the highest level.

It was seen by a lot of journalists from all over the world, reporting on this event – the work of John Paul II. What was similarly beautiful was celebrating the anniversary of Warsaw uprising, soon on the following day after the end of the World Youth Days.

Flowers, grave candles, crowds of Powązki graveyard, touching ceremony on Wola and a beautiful spontaneous gesture of president Andrzej Duda, great respect for only a few insurgents, as an evidence for a suitable understanding the essence of a lonely fight for Warsaw. And again, everywhere a lot of young people, on graveyards, at insurgents’ boards, the uniformed, in camouflage were keeping guard at the graves, others with little kids, everyone in solemn clothes, with signs of Fighting Poland – a relay of generations continues!

Warsaw inhabitants had never gathered in such a crowd in the evening on Piłsudski square before, to sing insurgents’ songs. Organizers from the Warsaw Uprising Museum were giving away song books, there were also texts on big screens and the songs ‘Warsaw children’, ‘Hey boys, bayonet on weapon’ or ‘March of Mokotov’ were sung.

Despite the late hour, nobody went away, everybody were spontaneously asking for encores, atmosphere was difficult to describe. Insurgents were singing with their grandchildren, proud of their two letters – NA (National Army) – on white and red arm bands. When the crowd of hundred thousand people began to go away, small groups were created and they went on singing despite little children sleeping on arms.

An elderly man with a band on his sleeve, was playing the ocarina beautifully, another young boy was playing the guitar, people were catching the melody quickly. I saw a young girl wiping her tears, I asked her – why she was crying – she said – I am moved, and I finally feel how beautiful Poland is.

And this is Just what pope Francis learnt in Poland and after his return, during the Wednesday audience, he said to the gathered about ‘the noble Polish nation, whose history is inseparably connected with Christ…Today Poland reminds whole Europe that Europe cannot exist without its Christian roots’.

It is beautiful to live in Poland, it is beautiful to be a Pole!


„Niedziela” 33/2016

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