A few months were enough for principals hidden behind a screen of great words, as well as sponsors and allies of the so-called Democracy Protection Committee to show their faces. The first one was George Soros, a millionaire – speculator, who raises attacks on national currencies with one hand and causes poverty, while spending money on supporting ‘the civic society’ with another hand. Here inverted commas are necessary, as he understands the society in a very narrow way, as a mass of people deprived of their will and religious and national identity. Recently, the role of an internet activist of the Democracy Protection Committee was taken by Marek Tumanowicz, a propagandist of martial law. He taught Poles, not being embarrassed, what freedom of speech is and he called in an impudent way to ‘outlaw’ the party of Jarosław Kaczyński. Another journalistic star of Jaruzelski’s group – Marek Barański supports him.

But it was best-described by a participant of demonstrations of the Democracy Protection Committee, the treasury minister Dawid Jackiewicz . ‘There are a lot of people there who lost an access to easy and big money because of actions of the government of the Law and Justice party. No wonder that they feel unhappy’ – he said. And he gave the examples: here a legal office got 1800 zlotys per hour of work. Another one stated that it had worked for 5000 hours during a few months for the sake of the public subject, which during a short time gave three million zlotys. One of Polish capital groups paid for legal, marketing and public relation service 300 thousand zlotys per day. Can one be surprised that those people are not pleased?

There is also no wonder that they were embarrassed to stand under the disgraced flag of the Platform. So the Democracy Protection Committee was established which is a kind of a protective wall, overcome by groups of Michnik’s newspaper. The wall from peace, normality, acceptation of the result of democratic elections. The general principle of those groups is simple: everything which is conservative, catholic, Polish is to be presented as abnormal, extreme, odd. And such normal are media and leftist journalists, and these rightist ones have stigmatizing stamps are nailed. Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish religions and even all kinds of sects are normal. Whereas Catholicism, in their propaganda, is only a habitat of pathologies. It is similar with the family. The one with a father, mother and children is a kind of a social violence, from which it is necessary to ‘get liberated’. What a disgust they offer in return – we know very well.

The same model of manipulation is used in politics. When for eight years the coalition of the Civic Platform and Polish People’s Party controls literally all public and state institutions, and is also supported by the world of private business and such media, in the description of national and western commentators, we have a beautiful democracy. When the authority steals a lot and threatens with repressions, including invigilation, all kinds of criticism Brussels keeps silent. It knows that in return it can rely on complete subordination of Warsaw government. It concerns not only Poland. When a group of post-communists robbed Hungary of everything possible, when it brought the country into debts, Europe did not see the problem. But when the Hungarians chased the thieves and elected Orban, battue appeared. And it was also caused by George Soros. And local secret police, was named as democrats.

As it is seen all resources, being at the disposal of the system of the Third Polish Republic, were invested in the Democracy Protection Committee. The fact that it was not able to change the system of social forces and it is clearly getting weaker, testifies about Poles well and is a positive prognosis for the future.


„Niedziela” 25/2016

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