Passing state documents, which had been in unauthorized hands for 20 years– as a form of denunciation – by Mrs. Kiszczak caused a discussion mainly about TW ‘Bolek’ and his problems with his own biography. It is understandable as the person of Lech Wałęsa has already been in all encyclopedias and dictionaries. He deserved it, but he could not use his merits to cover his short, probably 6-year- fragment of unclear biography. Why did it happen so? It happened because in 1992 he decided to take the road of deceptions, lies, breaching law and people who were in on the wrong side – of curiosity and historical truth. All these decisions he had made during the 90s of the last century till today and the words which he said, are a network of enslavement into which the very addressee fell. Lech Wałęsa became a slave of his own wrong decisions. We do not know whether he made them himself; rather he didn’t but today either prompters are not alive, or, strangely enough, they keep silent and do not remind about their disgraceful role.

However, it seems that Lech Wałęsa – although he was a serious person – is not number one in the issue of ‘Kiszczak’s wardrobe’. Here in our eyes the construction of the system is collapsing, whose fundament was a contract sign inside the camp of the authority, that is, among communists coming out of totalitarianism towards democracy. The contract, as it is seen clearly today, was aimed at preventing communists, agreeing with the constructive opposition at the ‘round table’, from becoming dependent on it in the future. This impunity had to be kept, so possessing blatant weapon whose existence guaranteed a success of political changes at the turn of the 80s and 90s of XX century. Authentic changes, but without authentic results – the settlement of brigands. Similarly as in the case of blackmailers of the Second World War time, also security officers did not want to reveal their ‘wardrobes’ so as not to reveal tools of blackmail, instead, they wanted a new team of the authority to be aware that the ‘wardrobes’ exist. Strangely enough, over 20 years ago, that mechanism was functioning. (Probably only once, in the case of the security officer Jerzy Frączkowski, there was an attempt to take over material of blackmail but not to reveal the content of documents, but to destroy them or take over them with results). In the recent time, creators of that agreement – Jaruzelski and Kiszczak, died, but their wives are still alive, as well as the faithful executors of that agreement who (let’s hope), still keep security policies in wardrobes. But, as it seems – a group of people who are not afraid of the ‘wardrobes’ took over authority, what is more – they are finally ready to reform justice administration in Poland. So, what to do? What to do when a protection umbrella was removed by an electoral card, and death is making its claims? This Lenin’s question receives an answer today: ‘A test of Kiszczak’s wife’. Mrs. Kiszczak – consciously or not – has treated other widows after the tandem Jaruzelski-Kiszczak with a kind of answer. And the good one: if nobody of those who should be afraid of us, is not afraid, so, it may be better to give back what is stolen than burn it.

I do not deny that in our eyes the political system is collapsing, which was satirically sought by media in autumn, in which a piece of a solidarity group once chosen to build the Third Republic of Poland, was to feel brakes in the form of the ‘wardrobes’ being at homes of their interlocutors from the times of the ‘round table’. At that time communists were better prepared to subdue to the authority than Solidarity to take over it. But today we are receiving an unusual portion of knowledge on functioning of the Third Republic of Poland, thanks to which are becoming –as a nation and a country – freed from the results of a collusion.


„Niedziela” 10/2016

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