In order to manage to carry out necessary changes in Poland, repair everything from basic, the nation must understand what is really happening at present and what its sources are. ‘It is the first time for 26 years, since the year 1989, when the rightist party has won, but it is its victory which is shown only through the prism of….opponents. After all, sensibly speaking, things should go in a different way’ – wrote Paweł Lisicki, the editor-in-chief of ‘Do rzeczy’ magazine. It was noticed by everybody, even those considering themselves as liberals.

When one talks with ‘ordinary’ people, one can often make the desperate statement: ‘anyway, everything will be unchanged for us, everybody is the same, these and those people attract others’ – therefore, it is urgent to inform people briefly about very particular elaborations presenting the state of Poland after many years of reigns of the Civic Platform party and the Polish People’s Party. What situation did the rightist party meet in all most important spheres – such a transparent analysis is necessary so that electors could understand what they see on TV and in other media. We have a general knowledge, people see it with a bare eye what losers in these presidential and parliamentary elections are afraid of. They remember scandals, sale of the national property, dishonesty, inability in governing and self-confidence about maintaining power.

But there is a big part of the society which is blind and deaf to this truth. Only particular knowledge, numbers, surnames, dates, events often concealed, deformed by groups holding authority, by conciliatory media, celebrities connected with common interests, located not only in Poland – knowledge and facts may deny the reality. So many years of mocking, mockery at leading rightist representatives caused a lot of confusion in people’s minds, especially among those with little historical or social knowledge. The lack of good knowledge which must be sometimes searched for, makes the man an easy loot in the hands of various Palikot or Peter’s supporters. ‘In order to discover the truth, one needs knowledge, that is, more learning, so that there would be no manipulation, or false examples, or leading somebody astray’ – said John Paul II to the youth. We must be more interested in the issues of Poland, Europe and the world, as today elderly people are often certain about their infallibility, whereas young people have their idols in ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’, in glossy magazines, in silly worthless films or songs. In this way we have the so-called social mediocrity. Whereas the strong political fight which we are observing in Poland today, is taking place between the two groups: successors of exiled soldiers and other generations of communists, Service Officers, enemies of strong independent Poland. As what is letting foreign countries invade one’s own country, slandering in the European Union, resorting to various pressure groups in America and demanding interference? In order to help the nation could find itself in the current situation, it is necessary to publicize CVs, real surnames – origin of people who are protesting against the current repair of Poland the most. ‘Poland deserves clarity of the public life, when immaculate people would attain the most important posts in the country. Poland paid for it with the blood of the best sons of this nation – in the grounds of Katyń, the casemates of the security office, Smoleńsk…’- said the judge Bogusław Nizieński, dealing with vetting for 5 years (1999-2004), as the spokesman of the Public Interest.


„Niedziela” 4/2016

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