The European Union officially imposes newer and newer sanctions on Russia. It is looking forwards to Putin's giving in. This is aftermath of the aggressive policy of Moscow towards Ukraine. Germany and France have extremely got involved in this conflict, by creating a special group called 'Norman formation'. Both leaders of these countries and nearly all leading European politicians are still expressing slogans of European solidarity. In practice, similarly as in the Soviet Union years ago, it has got the dialectic dimension. For, it turns out that, not considering the european-wide trend of solidarity, being a measure of a kind of the EU thesis, on the economic ground there appears a real anti-thesis. Not long time ago, did the Russian Gazprom sign an agreement with european companies, mainly from Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Austria and France, in relation to an additional gas pipe Nord Stream2. The main benefit of building another pipe of the Northern Gasprom, through which ten milliards cubic of gas will flow every year, is that it will be consumed by Germany. For, it will be Germany to which this raw material will go and it will be Germany which will be able to export it further. Certainly, the new project omits Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland and other countries of this region, which evidently weakens them economically and politically. It goes vertically in the european eneregy solidarity, written expressis verbis in the Lisbon Treaty (art. 194). It also reveals hipocrisy of alleged common actions for Ukraine. The prime minister of this country Arsenij Jaceniuk appealed to the European Commission to block the investment. Some irritated european politicians reject diplomatic slogans and call things by name. It was done so by the prime minister of Slovakia Robert Fico, who called this economic Russian-European agreement not only 'a betrayal', but he also said: 'They are simply making idiots of us'. Isn't it different wity a loud demand of european solidarity in relation to refugees? Although these are allegedly different phenomena, they are definitely difficult to match. However, we must refer to Hegel and Marx. Only then will it be possible to introduce a kind of a dialectic european synthesis of solidarity.


„Niedziela” 39/2015

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