Nearly half a million of signatures under a complete prohibition of abortion in Poland were thrown into a bin. The project of a pro-life civil act was rejected in the first reading

Practically all MPs of the leftist party voted for further killing of unborn children; they die in the so-called abortion surgery only because they were diagnosed to be ill or disabled. The similar situation was in the club of the Civic Platform party in which only 7 MPs among over 200 MPs were courageous to vote against the rejection of the act defending life of unborn children. The Polish People's Party was divided into those who had voted for further procedure on the civic act, and those who had rejected it or abstained from voting.

The rightist party of the parliament behaved differently. All MPs of the Law and Justice party voted for life. - It predicts a good future. I hope that in its future cadence, the parliament will change law which allows today for killing defenceless children – Kaja Godek, a proxy of the Committee of the Legislative Initiative 'Stop to abortion' told 'Niedziela' soon after voting. All MPs who raised their hands against life, will be sure that volunteers of our foundation will remind about it during the electoral campaign taking place now.

Probably, some MPs of the Civic Platform got frightened by this announcement. Over 30 of them who were present in the aula of debates, took out voting cards suddenly. Thanks to it, the system counting votes decided they were absent. In the group of MPs, there was even Małgorzata Kidawa-Blonska presiding over the debates.

The debate on the project of the civic act had started a day earlier and lasted nearly till the midnight. - I deeply believe that among MPs there are many righteous people who want Poland to be strong, friendly to its citizens, wise and proud. People who are able to oppose to the leftist groups which are aggressive to ordinary people and defend the defenceless against the terrible death. Bringing back the right to life for everyone is a fundament from which it is necessary to rebuild our country – said Kaja Godek.

During a discussion in the plenary hall there were only a dozen MPs. And when Kaja was saying that abortion is killing, her microphone was turned off a few times by the vice-marshal Jerzy Wenderlich.


„Niedziela” 38/2015

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