Installation ‘Rainbow’ is inscribed in a range of actions of the Civic Platform party aiming at removing the Christian heritage from the public space

A six-coloured rainbow being a characteristic sign of LGBT groups, including the homosexuals, has been the symbol of the Civic Platform party government in Warsaw and in Poland for years. It was placed on the Redeemer’s Square, and opposite the monumental church of Blessed Redeemer, within celebrations of the Polish presidency in the Council of the European Union in an openly provocative way. Bending the law, this installation was prolonged in the public space, although it was an unauthorized construction destroying the unique spatial system of the Redeemer’s Square which co-creates the Stanisławowska Axis – urban assumption inscribed in the register of monuments.

The installation was 9 meter high and 26 meter wide, weighed over 8 tons and consisted of thousands of artificial flowers fixed to the metal construction. The fact that 24- hour protection has been provided to the provocative installation proves the determination of the Civic Platform party, including Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the president of the city and the vice-president of the governing party, in order to maintain the ‘Rainbow’ on the Redeemer’s Square, despite so many social protests (including ours – the group of MPs and the Law and Justice party) against lawlessness and official promoting homo-ideology . Whereas Poniatowski bridge was not protected during the invasion through the Vistula river in the capital of Poland.

The installation ‘Rainbow’ is inscribed in the whole range of actions of the Civic Platform party aimed at removing Christian heritage from the public life. Let’s remind that the department of education allowed school books for V and VI year of the primary school promoting occultism and satanism for usage. The Public Television managed by a person associated with the Civic Platform party, undertook a commercial campaign promoting single-sex couples. The advertisement spot ‘The closest strangers’ questioned the constitutional order of the Polish Republic whose essential element is marriage as a union between a woman and a man.

It was the government of the Civic Platform party and the Polish Peasant Party of Komorowski which ratified the violent convention of the Europe Council which imposed a duty of fight with Christian civilisational heritage on signatories. The Civic Platform pushed through its action, and Bronisław Komorowski signed an eugenic act about in vitro, enabling homosexuals to adopt children, and an act about deciding about one’s own sexes, enabling contracting single-sex couples. In relation to the act Law about acts of the civic state, people governing Poland introduced solutions which give a way to legalization of homosexual ‘marriages’ in Poland.

The post-Enlightenment trend, which is infected EU, considers religion, especially Christianity, as an obstacle in building a ‘new world’. De-christianization in the last years is not based on the ideology of Marxism- Leninism with its dialectic materialism or ‘scientific worldview’, like in the communist times. In the Third Polish Republic the weapon in the European Union is the concept of ‘neutral worldview of the country’, created by negative patchwork of remained communism and worst features of the western practical communism. So methods got changed, but the purpose didn’t. under the motto of progress , secularism, democracy, pluralism and tolerance is hidden attempt of removing God’s presence from the public life.

In the end of August this year, the installation was pulled down. It is symptomatic that the symbol of the governing Civic Platform, counteracting the rainbow to the cross, is disappearing. It seen with a bare eye that Poles will not exclude the Civic Platform party from the government during the elections in autumn.


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