They want to weaken the new authority so that it would not have any strength to repair Poland.

The elect-President picked up a Host – a pretext for an attack in mainstream media. He went to Jasna Góra – another attack by media. He visited Rychwałd where he received a painting of Our Lady in order to take it to Belweder – there was mocking and attack by media against the authority again. Simply, there is a good occasion to attack the new president. Doesn’t it remind us anything? Maybe it does. The deceased president Lech Kaczyński was mocked at without any impunity and continuously. The best president of the Third Polish Republic. The same has been done by media and groups which are attacking the elect-President today. And what will happen when Andrzej Duda starts governing?

Moreover, those attackers have their mouths full of phrases flowing out of mainstream media: about tolerance, European culture. That is not true. None of their tolerances or culture, but only their outrage that they lost some part of the authority in Poland or that they may lose it forever soon.

Because their mentality of owners of the Third Polish Republic is not able to understand or accept it. Certainly, the problem is not only their mentality. It also concerns their interests. Losing elections, they lost a possibility of ‘twisting’ public money for profits of their and theirs and their colleagues’ companies. They will not be able anymore to base on Public money or EU funds. Indeed, they see their future in a pessimistic way, and their outrage goes beyond any limits. Therefore, as they youth say, they are ‘grilling’ Andrzej Duda. They want to weaken the new authority so that it would not have any strength to repair Poland. We see how mainstream media are looking for any pretext to express their malice or use rude tricks against Andrzej Duda. We should remember that it results from their fear of a political force which wants to repair Poland. Because Poland, which is fair, strong and decent, means the end of dark interests of establishment and its media.


„Niedziela” 31/2015

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