I remember particularly a referendum concerning Poland’s joining the European Union, because as a reporter I was paying a visit to all places in Poland. I talked with leaders of the country of that time, I was also observing all debates and the whole pre-referendum campaign carefully. Anyway everything was recorded in archives. And nowhere, there was information for Poles that deciding to join the European Union, they also choose compulsory joining the euro currency. indeed, there were some unclear statements that in the future we will have to decide about it, but that is all. And, suddenly, after over ten years, there appears a slight deception and we hear that we have already made a decision about euro! And if somebody does not remember, it means that he is an idiot.

Nobody wants to be an idiot, so if it was not for independent mass media, this operation could be successful. However, there is something more important here. This is an answer to the question, what motivates centres trying to push Poles into the euro sphere today. As they cannot be motivated by the national interest. After all, every day we watch TV news from Greece and we see what trouble the invented currency in Berlin turned out to be for this nation. What a big loss this slight change turned out to be and how it is difficult to escape from a trap of addiction to loans. And Poles should know about it, indeed, the first step of the Prussian invader towards the Polish nobility was giving them an easy and cheap loan. After a few years, bankrupted properties, unable to pay off debts, got into their hands themselves. Today the Greek are being taught the same lesson. What satans want the repeated history for Poles?

And why they are hardly able to say openly what they want from Poles and for Poles? Does anyone remember that the Civic Platform party aiming at gaining authority promised that it would make it possible for treating human embryos as rubbish? A German embryo is protected by law, the Polish one is to be placed in a sink. Why was this plan concealed from electors?

Similarly: what motivated the Civic Platform which was concealing a plan from Poles, concerning dressing up boys as girls and the other way round? Why weren’t electors informed by Joanna Kluzik-Rostowska today that upbringing for family life is to be focused on sexual technics because speaking about responsibility, love and the whole cultural cover is an ideology?

The longer these tricks are served to us by thieves of freedom, the more difficult it is to put up with them peacefully. These are not cases during a democratic work, but a conscious method of leading compatriots astray. This is something extremely awful. And what is more disgusting is the opinion of the government that an attempt of revealing these lies as a kind of aggression. Bronisław Komorowski has complained about it recently. He did not deny having signed and promoted the so-called convention about violence in family, hostile to the Church and Christianity. He did not state that he had not blackmailed the Catholics in this issue with accusations about protection of domestic boxers. No, he didn’t. He only had pretences that it had been revealed, that priests and the Catholics had noticed it.

It is time to tell the authority that Bronisław Komorowski is not the only politician who will pay a fine for his attempt to conceal real purposes from Poles. There is a request not only not to cry, because depriving somebody of great food is just a mild punishment comparing to the scale of trespasses.


„Niedziela” 29/2015

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