‘Two livers in the body of Przemysław Gosiewski. Gum gloves sewn inside of the deceased’ – Przemysław Dakowicz wrote media information in his journal, of which he started being aware in 2012. Besides annotations about photos of naked bodies of the supreme Polish clerks, photos being on Russian websites, from places which were under thorough control of those special services. During carrying out an autopsy, Polish pathologists were sitting in a corridor, not being allowed for actions which could cause knowledge about the tragedy get onto an unauthorized area. However, not they had a duty to claim for participation of Poles in the most important actions in the first hours and on the first days after the tragedy.

The author of the ‘Cursed continuum of a notebook about Smoleńsk’ wrote down all these wounds which were painfully getting into his awareness, were bleeding and in fact, were painfully tearing apart his pride, the sense of the national community. Scandalous neglects by the Polish military procurators, and, as a result, the second funerals of Anna Walnetynowicz, the president in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski or a rector of my university – Fr. Prof. Ryszard Rumianek; sentences of MAK report broadcast by Russian and worldly media, false and insulting accusations against the leader of Military Forces, the deceased President of Polish Republic.

We do not have the wreckage of the airplane, or the black boxes. Total defenceless and helplessness of the Polish country caused by the Polish governing group. It is five years we have been experiencing humiliation caused by the Russians step by step. These acts of humiliation would not become the fact if it had not been for the consent of the group governing Poland. Was it because of thoughtlessness, or a conscious choice? The answer to the question is secondary, although important because of the existence of the justice administration, including the State Tribunal.

People in the government know why euro - deputies of the Civil Platform could not allow for a postulate in the parliament resolution, saying about starting international investigation in the Smoleńsk tragedy. Similarly as they could not support any bottom-up initiatives of Polish patriots who wanted to share their particular knowledge and decisions with the society. Scientists with prof. Witakowski in the helm, who have been preparing other reports concerning circumstances of the course of the tragedy events on 10 April 2010, are not only unsupported from the budget of the country, do not receive any academic grants in this issue, are not only unsupported by their home universities with their rectors and deans, and moreover, everything proves - that they are working in a complete seclusion, despite the will of people governing Poland and despite science in Poland, despite threatened councils of departments or senates.

‘The collapse of the airplane happened in phases in the air. It started with the back parts towards the front. When the airplane got to the end point, the hull was torn off’ – this is one of the most essential findings of independent scientists, which the society has heard recently. The other scientists – beside the group of about those hundred brave ones – stopped being ‘independent’ a long time ago. When will we find out that the above truth was known to the governing group from the beginning, similarly as to Jerzy Miller and members of his commission? Or not earlier than on the 100th anniversary of the Smoleńsk tragedy?


„Niedziela” 15/2015

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