We are amused to observe an idea division of this campaign, imposed by election staff of Bronisław Komorowski. It must have taken a long time to find an idea to decide on an alleged clash of ‘rational’ with ‘radical’ Poles. Anyway, let’s try to explain it through examples.

Is it a ‘rational’ or ‘radical’ proceeding to deprive education of patriotic content, a canon essential for the Polish cultural code of set books, limiting education of homeland history, removing any kinds of references to Christianity from a primary book? The government and a political party supported by the president have been doing it for years, consciously pursuing an offensive against Polish heritage.

Is the privatization of State Forests, the last national treasure, announced by Bronisław Komorowski in 2009 in his talk with an American ambassador, in order to gain money for privatization, a ‘radical’ or ‘rational’ promise?

Is the fierce defence of Moscow by the president in Poland, that is, Military Informative Services, involved in scams, weapon trade, illegal spyware actions – is ‘rationalism’ or ‘radicalism’?

The longer I copy down basic issues of Polish disputes and I reflect on how Bronisław Komorowski behaved towards them, the more I am astonished how the meaning of basic words can be reversed.

So, the idea is rather quite cynical. It concerns making electors convinced that an attempt of a fight for one’s own beliefs in the public space, defence of what is holy for each of us, perceiving poisons in alleged medications imposed on us (an example of the so-called violence Convention) is a kind of unacceptable craziness. The only choice of a Pole who does not want to have such a label stuck to him, is to be a consent to the direction of the current policy.

It is worrying to notice its similarity to the practice of communist governments whose basic rule was to state that support of authorities of communist Poland, forcing people to participate in meetings, marches and organizations - all this is obvious like the air. However, no matter how the dispute was stigmatized as a ‘dangerous play with politics’. Today there are attempts to implement this rule anew. Extremely leftist politicians are presented as a normal centre, even gentle conservatists are being chased with whole power of the media apparatus of violence. Priests and bishops are divided into ‘apolitical’, that is, those who are keeping silent and ‘politicized’ who do not agree to removing Christianity from the public space. And in the world of media we have ‘rightist’ media and … ‘leftist’ media. Even if they promoted pedophilia, they have a stamp of ‘normality’.

If it is going to be so, in a moment we and our children will be involved in it. Forcing teenagers in one of schools to wave posters of Bronisław Komorowski seems to be its clear presage. So, we should be really rational and make choices, according to our conscience, for the sake of Poland and the Church, not according to suggestions given to us.


„Niedziela” 14/2015

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