Rejection of the government’s appeal from a verdict acknowledging human rights breach in relation to CIA prisoners by the Tribunal in Strasburg, put Poland in a difficult situation.

Complaint submitted by the Palestinian Abu Zubajda and a Saudi man Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, saying that with permission of the Polish authorities they were placed in a secret prison in Poland, where CIA was torturing them, gave 100 thousand euro of atonement to each of them (Zubajda got extra 30 thousand euro).

Poland is also to make diplomatic efforts, so that al-Nashiri, facing a court trial from the Americans, would not be sentenced to death penalty, as Poland allowed for transporting him to the USA.

Grzegorz Schetyna, the chief of the Polish National Defence Ministry announced enforcement of the verdict. As he said, the problem is how money will be used, whether prisoners will have to be paid directly. For, they are going to have a problem with using money themselves. Let’s add that problem is also the fact whether the money will not get directly to terrorists.


„Niedziela” 9/2015

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