On 17 February 2015 the Management Board of Catholic Schools addressed an open letter to health minister Bartosz Arłukowicz, expressing an opposition against introducing the ‘day-after’ pill in sale without a prescription. We publish the whole text of the protest.

On behalf of six hundred Catholic schools in Poland, standing on the ground of values expressed in the Constitution of Polish Republic, referring to the teaching of the Church, and, particularly, St. John Paul II about human dignity and in defence of life from conception to natural death, we express deep protest against introducing the so-called ‘day-after’ pill in sale without a prescription by Minister.

As people for whom responsible and versatile upbringing and education of children and the youth is a superior purpose, we express our concern about children and the youth, whom the Health Minister enables to buy the pill destroying biological, psychical and spiritual health – without limits or awareness of a real character. We must not enable the youth to manipulate their life and health, without any control, even the medical one. We must not approve of the way in which the youth treats sexuality in hedonistic categories, without responsibility for their own development. Care about the good of the youth and future families is the supreme duty of the public authority.

We do not express consent to the fact the Health Minister may make it easier to treat fertility as an experiment or fun. We do not express consent to making early-abortion means available, which are so harmful for health and destroy the natural hormone system of girls and women.

We do not express consent to promoting sexual intercourse between underage people, whose results are negative in the biological, psychical-spiritual and social sphere. Poland has a negative natural birth rate, we are in the so-called demographic decline and we must protect health of young Poles.

We address an appeal to Minister to withdraw his decision about the sale of the ‘after-day’ pill, after analyzing arguments of doctors, psychologists, pedagogues, parents and those who want the good of girls and boys.

On behalf of Catholic schools in Poland
Management Board of Catholic Schools


„Niedziela” 9/2015

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