The news that the government will not leave people, who pay off their loans in the Swiss Francs and who were hit by the abolition of the rigid rate of the Swiss euro currency and the leap of quotations – arouses mixed feelings.

The information revealed by the vice-prime minister and economy minister Janusz Piechociński that there were talks with banks, and ‘if there is such a need, the government will support these people to a large extent’ (although he stipulates that undertaking further steps depends on the development of the situation on markets), lets him hope for sympathy of 530 thousand people who signed contracts on this loan, and a few times more members of their families, as well as criticism of those other citizens, who might be burdened for houses of the Franc-loans owners.

An interesting idea of help for ‘Franc-loan takers’ was announced by the Law and Justice party. It states that there as ‘an extraordinary change of circumstances’ in the Polish law, which was an unexpected decision of the foreign bank – the central bank of Switzerland. According to the act, people indebted in Swiss Francs would receive a possibility of paying off their loans at the rate from before the release of this currency.


„Niedziela” 4/2015

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