The New Year was opened in the EU with the message that it would be permitted to buy ‘an emergency pill’ out of a prescription, in case of suspected ‘unwanted pregnancy’. It was decided so by officials of the European Commission, dealing with pro-health policy. After all, healthy people do not need a doctor or his prescriptions, but those who are not well. After all, pregnancy is not an illness. So, what medication against pregnancy is it? However, commissioners agreed to the functioning of prescriptions in these membership countries which will wish it. This is an astonishing understanding of EU officials towards the ministry subordinated to them, incomprehensible in the case of, for example, vitamin C, or iodine, used out of a prescription everywhere in the case of some ‘defects’ of health. The ‘emergency pill’ was treated in a completely different way. Why?

It was not explained by media (serving to somebody), which were only worried by the situation in the Polish medicine. After all, we have thousands of doctors who declared last year (in the ‘faith declaration’), that they would not participate in practices which have nothing in common with medicine. Surely, they will not agree to selling the ‘pill’ without a prescription, and teenagers will be forced to go to the doctor, waste their worthy time and money. However, will Polish doctors fight only for prescriptions?

One thing is clear in these media stupefying the mind of the Europeans. In the EU conception of a child is a ‘defect’, but it can be repaired by purchasing a proper ‘pill’. Everyone was informed about its trade name, which has been functioning in medicine and pharmacy for years, but today everyone has heard about it or might have remembered it. This whole media noise looks as a gigantic advertisement campaign of a French pharmacy company, having its monopoly for the sale of the newest generation of early-abortion pills (‘after-pill’). But as it happens in advertisements, also here a lie and manipulation has been used. For a better sale (the price in the UK is 30 pounds) its early-abortion action is concealed, and everyone is made to believe that it has contraceptive function. But in the medical expertise prepared in the year 2012 by the SPUC, a British pro-life organization, experts (Anthony Ozimic) inform ( that also this ‘pill’ causes early abortion, that is, it works lethally. And this is just the reason for which we hope that Polish doctors – worthy this name – will deal with this issue. Certainly, not only will they refuse to write prescriptions for it, but they will also express their opposition towards the practices of big pharmacy companies which deal with the trade of death instead of treatment.

This media stupefying the minds in the matter of the ‘emergency pill’ concerns first moral knowledge of the Europeans. The European Commission advertised first the consumptive way of treating the sexual sphere with its decision, corresponding with a typically modern way of treating the man as a ‘machine’, with whom it is necessary to deal in the same way as with other things. Pharmacists and doctors are to participate in this project and repair various ‘defects’. One of them is appearing a new man! As one can see, ‘Standards of sexual education in Europe’ are also implemented in the European Commission, prepared by our western neighbouring countries and whose purpose is to secure sexual fun from unwanted defects. Is these standards are adopted everywhere in Europe, it will be real death.


„Niedziela” 04/2015

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