On the occasion of the Immaculate Conception I would like to remind about the unusual message of blessed pope Paul VI, which he addressed to women on 8 December 1965, 50 years after proclaiming this message, try, Dear Ladies to make a personal and community summary, how you live according to this message. It was not accidental that the papal appeal to women was proclaimed in the end of the Second Vatican Council. As we read in the message, Pope makes penetration of the spirit of the Vatican council to our life dependent on engagement of women. And today we really need to reflect deeply on the whole and brief text of the prophetic papal message which expresses good respect to women.

1. ‘We address the words to you now, women of all states, daughters, spouses, mothers and widows; and also you, consecrated virgins and single women; you are a half of an enormous human family!

2. The Church is proud, about which you know, that it raised women to high dignity and liberated them, that throughout centuries it showed women’s basic equality - in variety of characters – with a man.

3. But an hour is coming, an hour has come, in which a woman’s vocation reaches its full essence, an hour in which a woman becomes influential in the society, gains significance, power which she has not gained so far.

4. Just for this reason now, when humankind is experiencing deep changes, women penetrated with the spirit of the Gospel can do a lot so that there would not be the collapse of humankind.

5. You, women, are always equipped with a gift of guarding home, love to roots, care about children in cradles. You live together with the mystery of life which is conceived. You give consolation when death separates people. Our technology is endangered by becoming inhuman. Unite people with life. And, first of all, we beg you to be vigil about the future of our race. Prevent the human hand from destroying human civilization at the moment of madness.

6. Wives, mothers of families, the first educators of humankind at homes, pass traditions to your sons and daughters, while you prepare them for unpredictable future. Do always remember that through children mother belongs to the future, which she may not be able to see herself.

7. And, also you, unmarried women, know, that you can fulfill your whole vocation to devotion of yourselves. The society calls you from everywhere. Such families cannot live without help of those who do not have families.

8. Especially you, consecrated virgins, in the world, where egoism and search for pleasures would like to become law, be guardians of chastity, selfless behavior, religiousness. Jesus who gave marital love its whole essence, also emphasized resignation from this human love, when it is motivated by unlimited love and serving to everybody.

9. Women, having a moment of trial, who are standing at the cross to the image of Mary, who often gave strength to men in their fights, to give testimonies till martyrdom, help them find courage, needed for all entrepreneurs, with patience and feeling of poor beginnings.

10. You, women, who can make the truth become sweet, sensitive, available, please, make efforts so that the spirit of the Vatican Council would penetrate institutions, schools, homes, everyday life.

11. Women of all universe, both Christian women and non-religious women, to whom life at such a serious moment of history has been entrusted, your responsibility comprises defence of peace in the world!’.

Dear women, share the message of blessed Paul VI with one another. Do not forget about your great vocation and charisms which the Almighty God gave to you, so that you would help Him in renewal of the Church and the world in Jesus Christ. Being full of the Gospel spirit, save the collapsing humankind! May God Bless You.


„Niedziela” 49/2014

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