In a democratic country belonging to the EU and NATO, one can find out who won the elections

Sadly, we must agree with the words: ‘Polish country exists only theoretically’. This is an opinion of the governing from the wiretap scandal (ministers, the President of the National Polish Bank, pillars of the democratic country were not only ridiculed in it, but also shown as demoralized people who are plotting against the nation!). Somebody who did not believe in this scandal, now has another evidence: in a democratic country belonging to the EU and NATO one can find out who won the elections.

- Poles, nothing bad happened – the former prime minister, and the current EU president used to say so in such situations. He tried to sweep any kind of a scandal under the proverbial carpet, but he somehow confirmed that absurd was our specialty. Other examples? - Here you are.

In December Pendolino was to be started, whereas in many places, rails are just being installed. Was this lunar purchase something silly, a sabotage of the Polish company PESA manufacturing railway vehicles, or maybe an ordinary scam? And how to name the scandalous delay in building the gas-prom in Świnoujście? Facing such gas addiction from Russia, facing the events in Ukraine, can we feel safe? This is not an absurd any more, but lack of responsibility for the nation and the country!

I heard that Mrs. Prime Minister announced finishing building the highways: A1, A2, and A4 in her pronouncement. What finishing, if instead to lead from Gdańsk to Katowice, A1 leads to the centre of Częstochowa (the bypass around the spiritual capital city of Poland will not be built before the year 2020)? And what to think about the authorities of the Polish Television TVP, which allowed for broadcasting a German film presenting Nazis criminals in a bright light, and ascribing the worst features and the lowest instincts to Poles? Recently Russia has asked to put a monument on a graveyard in Cracow, to the glory of Bolshevik wilderness which invaded Poland in 1920! Did the government send a diplomatic message to Moscow in this matter? Not mentioning the tragedy in Smoleńsk. These are only a few facts showing weakness of our country, confirming that the government or various groups of interest lead the nation and the parliament into wrong thinking. Gently saying wrong thinking - because it entails enormous amounts of money from tax-payers’ pockets, and it must be understood as a scam, and people who allow for it, as the ones causing the scam.

And returning to elections – did the prime minister express her opinion on them? She wants to wait despite the scandal, so she says at schools, how well the health service is doing, she promises teachers and families piles of gold. And the president? According to Bronisław Komorowski, dismissing members of the National Electoral Commission is craziness because these are judges in Warsaw who are ‘guarantees of honesty and impartiality’ whereas questioning honesty of these elections, in his opinion, are ‘depths of madness’.

So, if most citizens see and know, how many breaches there were in self-governing elections, so the president should not squander words about madness. What we witness, is not a disgrace of informative system or the very National Electoral Commission, but the disgrace of the state and its authorities.

- It is terrifying that after seven years of the reign of the Platform, the Polish country is not able to carry out professional elections – said the euro-deputy Janusz Wojciechowski on WNET radio. The politician added that the Polish People’s Alliance won in a dishonest way. Suddenly, day by day, support for the Polish People’s Alliance is growing, in some places it reached 50 per cent. Is it only a mistake of the system or a new shrewd plan of sharing the authority with the coalition in regional parliaments? On Pomerania 20 per cent votes were given to a regional parliament in a wrong way. It was similar somewhere else. Are Poles illiterates?

Honest elections is the base of democracy. If a country is not able to carry out honest elections based on clear principles, there is no democracy, there is not a safe country. But if ‘the Polish country exists only theoretically’ – as Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz said in famous recordings….Today his words take on a much more ominous meaning.


„Niedziela” 48/2014

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