The prime minister of Great Britain David Cameron, after the last summit meeting of the European Council ended, said: ‘I am simply furious’. During debates he found out that the EU statistic government Eurostat had made correction of calculations of membership fees of all EU countries, which pay 1 per cent of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to the EU budget. It turned out that results of the British economy have significantly improved, the GDP increased, and it entailed the situation in which Great Britain was ‘punished’ by the European Commission with the necessity of subsidies of over two milliard euro. What is important, is the fact that for the first time incomes from, among the others, prostitution and drugs trade were included into the EU calculations, which radically increased the membership fee of London. British money will go to the countries which, according to new calculations, overpaid, and these were, among the others, Germany, France and Poland. Our country, in contrary to Great Britain, wanting to present itself as an economic ‘green island’, was too optimistic in prognosis about the GDP and will receive the return of 316 million euro. Certainly, if Cameron pays. He says that he will not do it, at least not in the set deadline, that is, till 1 December this year. Demanding such an amount is a political bomb for Cameron, which pleases his most dangerous competitor – the United Kingdom Independence Party with Nigel Farag at the helm. The last one demands leaving the Union by his country, which beats euro-criticism of Conservative Party of Cameron. Both formations are fighting for the same electorate. Under the influence of the United Kingdom Independent Party, Cameron announced carrying out a referendum in 2017 in relation to the leaving the Union by Great Britain, although he is a supporter of remaining within its structures. Nervousness of the British prime minister is getting stronger in the context of his MPs moving to Farag’s party. The consent to the subsidy of such an enormous amount will strengthen his competitor, which calls the European Union ‘a thirsty vampire’. The outgoing President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barrosos is surprised by the official reaction of the British prime minister, saying that the current way of calculating the fee was acknowledged earlier by all membership countries, including Great Britain. So, would Cameron’s rage be planned?


„Niedziela” 45/2014

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