Gradually we are being tamed with degenerations in many ways, so that they would only serve to a fight with marriage as a relationship of one woman and one man

First the Seym, mainly with votes of the Civic Platform, ignored the vote of a few dozen thousand citizens and rejected the amendment to the bill about acts of the civic state, which envisages introduction of ‘attestations about the civic state’. Owning such a document would allow for omitting the Polish law and make it possible for contracting homosexual ‘marriage’ by Polish citizens abroad. Somebody may say – why should I care about how Poles behave abroad? But he should care because a relationship of gays and lesbians, who contracted ‘marriage’ abroad on the basis of this document, would have to be acknowledged as important in Poland. It is demanded by the bill about free flow of people in the EU. Refusing to acknowledge such a relationship, Poland would be exposed to EU sanctions for discriminatory practices. What is more, in the light of the EU law such a degenerated couple of the same sex people could apply for the right to adopt children.

As one can see, the purpose of introducing ‘attestations about the civic state’ by the Polish Interior Ministry is very clear: it is a solution imposed on us by the EU bureaucrats, so that Polish citizens could contract single-sex relations on marriage rights in these countries in which they have been officially recognized.

The amendment to the act suggested project in the Seym – so that ‘the above-mentioned attestation could not serve to contracting a marriage relationship or another civic relationship, in particular contradictory with the Polish legal order’ – was rejected. Will it be accepted by the Senate – I rather doubt it. From experience I can say that we are gradually being tamed with degenerations, so that they could serve to a fight with marriage as a relationship of one woman and one man (as the art.18 of the Constitution of the Polish Republic states).

The latest example is the Anti-Homophobia Campaign, exposed within free advertisement spots on TVP. It borders on a terrible joke of normally thinking and living Poles. If a group of lesbians decided that the Polish society is not informed enough about their excellent relationships, then does the Polish Television have a duty to proclaim it for free? And where is the constitutional marriage protection? How do provisions of the Act on Radio and Television Broadcasting refer to it, which say, among the others, about respect to Christian values in mass media?

As prof. Aleksander Stępkowski, the chairman of the Board of the Institute for Legal Culture Ordo Iuris notes, ‘article 18 of the Constitution of the Polish Republic is a political system norm establishing particular protection for marriage. It suggests that actions estimated for institutionalization of relationships which cannot be recognized as marriage (…), undoubtedly it breaches this political system norm’.

Even if management of TVP presented in the spot recognizes the relationship of two women as not differing from the marriage relationship in anything, then – as it has been so far – the Polish law says explicitly: such a picture questions the constitutional order of the Polish Republic and is also completely unfounded. The Polish law does not forbid anybody to live in a homosexual relationship but giving it marriage rights is completely contradictory with the very nature of marriage, being the bud of the family.

‘I expect respect of not only law, but also religious beliefs of receivers expressing Christian system of values, which, undoubtedly, is not unknown to the Chairman’ – Halina Szydełko, the chairwoman of the Board of Catholic Action in Poland wrote in a letter to the chairman Juliusz Braun. The Chairwoman is right to diagnose that broadcasting of the above-mentioned advertisement spot on TVP is a planned action for legalization of homosexual relationships, and what is entailed – promoting these relationships.


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