A 38-year-old Canadian woman was imprisoned because she had prayed for unborn children outside an abortion clinic. Now she is a symbol of pro-life movement all over the world.

Modesty, peace and smile on her face- these are the features which were noticed at once during a meeting with Mary Wagner. – I am happy that I can be in Poland. I am sure that St. John Paul II has his contribution in this venture from heaven – she said during a press conference.

Mary Wagner was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment for organizing a pro-life picket in defence of the unborn outside an abortion clinic and talks with women who were entering there to have abortion done. Wagner gave one of them a white rose and offered her help. However, a judge decided that she did not have a right to do so, because she exposed these women to ‘extra stress’.

- Mary was sentenced among the others, because she had disturbed economic activity. In Canada abortion clinics are treated as an important branch of industry – says Grzegorz Braun, a co-author of the film ‘Not about Mary Wagner’.

Just after her arrival in Poland, Wagner read out a letter of her friend Linda Gibbons, who had spent 11 years in prison for her defending conceived babies. She is behind bars also now. The Canadian woman arrived to an invitation of Jacek Kotula, a chief of the department of PRO Foundation in Rzeszów – Right for Life. During her visit, she visited a few dozen Polish towns, and spoke about her actions in defence of unborn babies.

- I was simply trying to defend babies. I shout in their defence because they do not have a voice. This is my answer to the bloodshed of the innocent – emphasizes Mary Wagner.

What would she like to tell Poles?

- I would encourage Polish women to discover their womanly dignity anew, about which St. John Paul II wrote a lot. Refer to his teaching – she said.


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