Lidia Dudkiewicz talks with Czesław Ryszka – a writer and a politician, an author of many books and a recently published series of ten volumes thematically relating to the approaching 100th anniversary of Fatima apparitions

LIDIA DUDKIEWICZ: – During the pontificate of John Paul II the interest in Fatima secrets has become enlivened. In reference to the Fatima message, new signs of the time are indicated…

CZESŁAW RYSZKA: – First, I would like to recall signs confirming the significance of the Fatima message in our times. In the first place these are: three pilgrimages of John Paul II to Fatima (1982, 1991, 2000), his entrustment of Russia and the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (1984), beatification of shepherds from Fatima, Hiacynta and Francis (May 2000), revealing the content of the third Fatima secret (June 2000), entrustment of the new millennium to Our Lady of Fatima (October 2000), finally – passing away of sister Łucja and John Paul II to Father’s home on days of Fatima 2005. In addition, there is a pilgrimage of Benedict XVI to Fatima (2010), and also act of entrustment of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which was done on 13 October 2013 by pope Francis. These papal signs prove what roads the Church will walk on, so that Our Lady’s victory announced in Fatima could come.

– In relation to the 100th anniversary of Fatima apparitions attributable in 2017, you write in the series of your books about other signs, about the breakthrough which is going to be faced up by the Church and the world. What can we expect in relation with this jubilee?

– In the year 2017 many anniversaries of important events, which shocked the Church and the world, converge together. 500 years ago Martin Luther, with his pronouncement, gave the beginning to the western schism of the Church, whose tragic results have been lasting for so many centuries. 300 years ago, in the year 1717, the ‘Great Home Lodge of the World’ was established in London, which chose its first great master. In the same century, the freemasonry caused the French revolution, whereas, after it – in 1917 – the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. The latter one was to celebrate the full jubilee of the 200th anniversary with its victory, in relation to the existence of the organization hostile to the Church.
Here I will remind that when in October 1917 in the streets of Rome a regular freemasonry demonstration was organized under the sign of satan, its participants openly proclaimed that the crowning of their actions was to be the reign of the devil. During the demonstration a black flag of Giordano Bruno’s followers was rolled out, presenting the person of Michael arch-angel lying on the ground and being in the claws of Lucifer. On one of the banners there was an inscription in the form of imperative: ‘Satan must reign in Vatican and pope will be his servant’.

– Why did such an explosion of hatred towards the Church appear now? I mean the mentioned manifestations of freemasonry in Rome and freemasonry governments in Portugal, Spain, France, Mexico…

– I think it was an answer to the signs of hope which people were receiving from heaven from 13 May to 13 October 1917. Our Lady, appearing in Fatima, announced the outbreak of the revolution in Russia, martyrdom of the pope and believers, which was to be followed by the final triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. Shortly speaking – the words of Our Lady about Her future victory roused powers of evil.

– We meet with the definition of John Paul II as the Pope of Fatima. We remember, that speaking about the actuality of the message from Fatima on 13 May 1982 in Fatima, he warned us against the ‘danger of nations and humankind on the apocalyptic scale’. Confronting these words with the third secret of Fatima, it is easy to confirm that today the announced times of the unbelievable attack on God and the Catholic Church have arrived. I will remind that the picture of the third secret of Fatima says about the assassination on the pope and persecutions of the Christians. Don’t we experience it today?

– That is true. At present a wave of anti-Christian, Neo-Marxist revolution is going through Europe and the world. Being inspired by freemasonry, controlled by an unknown centre, it leads a regular war with the Church. Liberals and atheists are attacking all forms of the presence of the Church in the world and history. They are falsifying the history of the Church, inspire creating liberal constitutions and civil and criminal codes. They deprave children and the youth by promoting pornography, sexualism, hedonism, drugs, alcoholism, by abolishing self-education and self-discipline. Suitably set and submissive media are serving to it.
As if it was not enough, we are also witnesses of the begun religious war between the East and the West, between the fighting Islam and Christianity. It is proven by many martyrs – there are millions of them. Moreover, there are arsons of churches, blasphemies and mockery at Catholic holy things. In this context it should be said that we are witnesses the prophetic message from Fatima becoming true and often commented by John Paul II. We live in the times when not only principles of Christian faith are questioned, but also the basic nature laws (by promoting the gender ideology). These are ‘new signs’ which bring us closer to the year 2017, to – maybe – the Fatima finale, the Great Hour of Mary, to Her announced victory.

– 100 years ago, in the apparitions in Fatima, Mary announced the victory of Her Immaculate Heart in the end. Is it possible if the evil seems to be triumphing?

– The retired Pope Benedict XVI, still being a prefect of the Vatican Congregation of Faith Teaching, after his visit in Fatima and talk with s. Łucja in Coimbr said that in the predictable time, faith in Europe is in a much more difficult situation, but we cannot lose hope because – as he added – the Fatima message brightens this darkness of the future, announcing the victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Later, as Pope, referring to the victory coming to us, he emphasized that it would happen so is the message from Fatima ‘will be accepted more fully, understood and implemented in every community. (…) Then the world will experience merciful love of God and there will be peace promised by Our Lady in Fatima’.
So, the victory is conditioned, depends on us. The road of grace – as s. Łucja passed it to us – goes through the Immaculate Heart of Jesus’ Mother. She does not replace Christ, does not put herself in His place, is not going to take over the position of the Church and its sacraments. She only prompts us that Christ wants to reveal power of his grace through Her; that he wants to bring peace in the world through the divine service to Her Immaculate Heart.

– It concerns the divine service of the first five Saturdays in a month?

– Yes. This is the basic divine service of Fatima with which the promise of Mary’s victory is connected. I write about it in each volume of Fatima.

– Could you present their content briefly?

– The first one, entitled ‘Before the finale’ presents the course and spirituality of Fatima apparitions. The second one is entitled ‘The third mystery’ and deals with the history of the so-called Fatima secret, revealed by the Church in 2000. The third booklet is about the assassination on the life of John Paul II, and, indeed, about his miraculous healing. The fourth volume contains the analysis of the message of Fatima according to the contemporary signs of apocalypse and mercifulness. The fifth volume says about the development of the Fatima message on the Polish land, and, mainly, about the establishment of the papal sanctuary of Fatima in Krzeptówki in Zakopane. The sixth volume discusses the fight with the Church and Christianity – which was announced in the message of Fatima. In the seventh volume there is an issue of the fight with the family – which is also mentioned in apparitions of Fatima. The eighth volume entitled ‘My Immaculate Heart will win’ presents victories of Our Lady in our history. The ninth volume contains rosary reflections in the aspect of Fatima topic and teaching of John Paul II. The last one – the tenth volume entitled ‘Now it is the time of mercifulness’ discusses two most important pillars of the pontificate of John Paul II which, in my opinion, are the message of Our Lady in Fatima and the message of Jesus addressed to s. Faustina. In both messages there is an announcement of the pontificate of John Paul II. The editor of this series is the publishing house IKONA. Those who are interested in it, can write at the address: Szydłówek 15 A, 26-500 Szydłowiec, tel. (48)617-51-53, www.wydawnictwoikona.pl


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