While the Islamic fighters are still going onward, humanitarian help is not sufficient. There is also an increasing number in illnesses and deaths among children and elderly people.

In the case of thousands of families of refugees spread all over Kurdistan, who lost everything during the recent dramatic events – we can speak about a real tragedy. Even 17 thousand resettled Christians with other minorities inhabit Ankawa, a city of population of over 25 thousand Christians. Families who found a shelter in churches or schools, are staying in quite good conditions, however, those who sleep in the streets or in parks, are in a hopeless situation….

When chaos is an enemy

In Dahuko the number of Christian refugees is over 60 thousand, and their situation is worse than of those who are in Erbil. Some families found a shelter in Kirkuku and As-Sulajmanijja, who got even to Bagdad.

While humanitarian needs are growing (a shelter, food, water, medicaments), the lack of international coordination slows down the action of help and decreases awareness of necessity of effective support for thousands of people waiting for immediate reaction. The Church offers everything what it can.

The situation of Christian villages around Mosul till the borders of Kurdistan looks catastrophic: churches are deserted and defiled; five bishops were deprived of their bishop’s residences; priests and nuns left their missions and institutions, leaving behind everything. Families escaped with their children leaving behind everything. The enormity of the catastrophe is unimaginable.

Political deadlock

What is disappointing for analysts is the attitude of the president of the United States – Barack Obama, who only wants to provide military support in order to protect Erbil city. Talks about separating Iraq are terrifying. The Americans are not aiming at solving the problem quickly, especially that they do not intend to attack on the Islamic Country in Mosul and on the areas of the plain Nineveh. This terrible situation will not change unless Iranian Safety Forces with the Peshmerga finish the fight against the armies of the Islamic Country. This awareness for the Iraqi is very depressing. The president of Kurdistan said that Kurdish divisions of armies were fighting with terroristic state, not with minority groups! While the country is under fire, politicians in Bagdad are fighting for the power.

Finally, neither Mosul nor villages on the Plain Nineveh can be liberated. There is no strategy of action in order to use the source of human labour force, and also resources of Islamist terrorists. These are them who are controlling the petroleum city – Zumar and the area with oil deposits – Ain Zalah and Batman, and also Ar-Raqqah and Deirez-Zor in Syria. Islamist extremist fighters join them from various countries of the world.

In this situation refugees have a limited choice. They can emigrate but there is a question: where? They do not usually have money or essential things. They can also stay in camps for refugees. Unfortunately, summer finishes soon and winter will come. Schools will also be reopen and children will have to go to them. What future is going to be for those thousands of innocent people, forced to escape from their beloved villages? What will happen to their property and work?

These questions should be a cause for reflection for every person and organization, in order to take actions to save these people whose history is inscribed in the land from which they come.


"Niedziela" 34/2014

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