In the recent years revolutionary atmosphere has been awakened in the countries, mostly the Muslim ones, which, one by one, are undergoing destruction. Islam is getting louder and louder which is fighting against Christianity. Extreme groups of the Islamists are persecuting the Christian groups in a ruthless and the cruelest way. Followers of Christ in the Near East are suffering from much harm, are repressed and terrorized, for example, in Iraq attacks on the Christians are on daily basis. They are presented with the ultimatum: either they will convert to Islam or they will leave the country. It happens so in most countries which have been possessed by the modern revolutions. Bishops and priests working in these countries often ask the world, including the so-called civilization one, Christian one, for help. Whereas it seems that help is not arriving or is very weak.

Christians, wake up! This call is also addressed to Polish Catholics. After all, followers of Christ in the Near East, in Iraq, in Syria or in Egypt are our brothers. After all, not only there, but also in African countries where Islam has been enlivened in the recent time, the Christians are being persecuted, churches and buildings being the property of Christian parishes are being destroyed.

Today we must speak loudly about the defence of the Christians, especially in the countries conquered by Islam. Those people want to maintain faith in Jesus Christ, they want to be in their own Church. Unfortunately, the worldly press seems to omit the thread of defence of persecuted brothers and sisters. How an important role in this issue the Holy Father Francis plays, calling for peace in the world, and the Holy See which addresses the nations of the world and governments to be interested in the fate of the Christians in Islamic countries. A lot is said about democracy, freedom for the Islamists in the countries where they live, and in which they are the minority. These are them who often protest in the name of their freedom and independence, express their opinions, appeal for possibility of normal functioning and, in the name of democratic ideals, they demand maintaining their state of ownership and legal protection. Countries in Europe and in the world, where there is Christian religion, have much respect to Islam and they often agree to everything which followers of Mahomet demand.

Unfortunately, the voice of the Church which defends persecuted Christians in the world, is neither perceived nor heard. Its voice is stifled. Whereas there are possibilities of diplomatic actions which could draw governments’ attention to the harm which is happening to the Christians in the countries of Islam. After all, there are debates, conferences, meetings and there are many ways to pay attention to everything what is happening with the Christians, especially in the Near East.

So, it is necessary to awaken consciences of our Catholics, so that they would defend their Christian brothers in persecuted countries. This is a holy duty of people of the Church – remind about solidarity with our brothers and sisters, who are killed, expelled from homes, deprived of life possibilities, and hurt. After all, people brought up in the Christian culture, who might have lost their faith in God today, have a stigma of evangelical culture in themselves. So, wouldn’t be necessary to indicate Polish decision-makers running diplomatic actions, that they should remind in various circumstances about defence of the Christians?

The old Continent is a Christians area. However, many Europeans rejected faith, the Church, but they surely have evangelical love to the neighbor and friendliness in their hearts. And we can base on it and refer to it. We must call for great solidarity with persecuted Christian brothers. Maintaining the heritage of the Gospel should be the biggest concern of everybody who believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Church.


"Niedziela" 33/2014

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