Russia, that is, Ukrainian separatists, give back the black cases. They are nearly intact. They got to England to the request of the Dutch whom there were the most on the board of the shot down the Malaysian airplane. 298 innocent people were killed, including children and babies. The prime minister of Holland, Mark Rutte, is very outraged. There is no doubt who stands behind it. The authorities of Austria, the USA and Germany have a similar opinion about it. When four years ago the Polish airplane crashed at Smolensk, on whose board there was the president of the Polish Republic, Russia did not give back the black cases. The Polish prime minister Donald Tusk commented on this scandalous fact with the words that Russia is a difficult partner. Certainly, it is not an easy partner and everybody knows about it. It is governed by the former office of KGB – secret services of the Soviet Union. They supported the Red Army which always had imperial tendencies. It was directed towards the war. Does the current president of Russia, who rejected the red colour, change inside? He must be aware of the fact that this kind of provocations bring a danger of serious military conflicts. When in 1915 Germany sank a passenger ship 'Lusitania', the United States still needed two years to join the First World War formally. When in December 1941 the Japanese destroyed American airplanes and ships in the base of Pearl Harbor, the United States were involved into the whirl of the Second World War. It decided about the victory of allies. Is Russia consciously aiming at the military conflict on the wide scale, or is it testing the endurance of the allies, like the leader of the Third Reich in the 30s of the last century? Anschluss of Austria, the annex of the Czech Republic, a corridor to Gdansk...The deceased president Lech Kaczynski, having a lot of the Eastern knowledge, said that first Georgia, later Ukraine, next the Balcan countries, and then Poland. In media of Western countries, a question is asked: 'Will the world inhibit Putin?' The preside of Russia is a trained officer, for whom the colours in which he appears publicly, have only the tactic significance. Only for a while did he take on a pose of confusion and he permits for mistakes of separatists steered by him. He gives back the so-called black cases which are really orange or red.


"Niedziela" 31/2014

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