On Thursday 10 July this year, after the end of ‘excavations’ carried out by a team of prof. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk, searching for victims murdered by the Security Office, the police entered the area of the parish cemetery in Warsaw. First there were policemen in civil clothes, then there were uniformed policemen. Several minutes later Mrs. Procurator arrived. Prof. Szwagrzyk was taken to the police station for hearing. Procurators were probably informed that on the area of the cemetery human debris had been found. In relation to the carried out investigation in this matter, the professor cannot give any information. He only said to journalists: - What you have recently seen on the cemetery, started undergoing a special procedure. A notification was submitted and on the basis of this notification procurator and police function in a similar way as during a murder.

The professor is surprised and says that he does not understand such a situation. He emphasizes: -How can you understand what is happening? Two police cars are arriving. Two procurators are arriving – where are such actions conducted? This kind of a team arrives for archeological works?!

The skeletons found by the team of the Institute of the National Remembrance were deposited into coffins just by the cemetery. Mrs. Procurator accompanied by Lukasz Szleszkowski from the Team of Forensic Medicine from Wroclaw , belonging to the Team of the Institute of the National Remembrance, was documenting the found skeletons. A container in which there were the coffins with the found bones of the murdered victims of communism, was being guarded by the police.


"Niedziela" 29/2014

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