I do not remember whose words these are that today not atheists are dangerous but believers who look at everything indifferently. How current these words have become today, stimulating the Catholics to act! For, who would suspect that there would be so effective protests against the blasphemous spectacle ‘Golgotha picnic’. The definite protests of many Catholic groups in Poznan led to the cancellation of the spectacle from Malta Festival (among the others, over 75 thousand internet users protested).

The world of artists did not give in, and it was decided in other cities of Poland about either organizing the public reading of the scenario, or showing a film of this spectacle, performed abroad. But also this public blasphemy towards Christ was effectively stifled: not with the argument of force against the alleged absolute freedom of artists, but mainly with the power of the rosary prayer. Besides the prayer manifestations in front of theatres a protest was organized in front of the building of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Warsaw, which supported the festival in Poznan with the generous grant from our taxes.

Evaluating many manifestations and protests in the last years, it should be written that finally Poles are awakening, are reaching for a more democratic weapon, which is, among the others, peace manifestations. Isn’t it thanks to them that we have the Television Trwam on the multiplex? Isn’t it thanks to the manifestations in Krakowskie Przedmiescie and divine services each 10th day of the month that we can commemorate the tragedy at Smolensk?

There are many minor pressures on the authority, like the one from the year 2011, when we were protesting against the further employment of Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski in the Polish Television, a declared Satanist and an enemy of Christian values. Under these protests the president of the Polish Television Juliusz Braun admitted that employing of ‘Nergal’ had been a mistake.

Quite recently, because on 13 June 2014, in Warsaw two worlds clashed: pro-life activists and the supporters of killing. The first protesters were defending prof. Bogdan Chazan – the director of Hospital of the Holy Family, who had refused to murder an innocent baby, referring to the clause of conscience, the others - a group of raging feminists – were demanding the right for murdering, calling it perversely as ‘a right for choice’. The hero of this event was prof. Chazan, and also the Faith Declaration of Catholic doctors defended itself, undertaken to commemorate the canonization of John Paul II.

Moreover, recently a quarter of million citizens supported the act project with their signature, defending children against demoralization and, exactly speaking, against sexual ‘education’ promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), inspired by the gender ideology, including postulates of homosexual and pedophilic lobby. The act project was made from the initiative of the Pro-Life Foundation, supported by the Association of Educators NATAN and the Association Stop to Sexual education. Let’s see how brave parliamentarians will be.

Moreover, the protest of parents against the governmental textbook for pupils of the first grade also turned out to be effective, which described preparation of children for Christmas, but omitted their Christian identity. From the initiative of the Institute for Legal Culture Ordo Iuris, the petition was signed by over 45 thousand people during a few days. In a corrected version there is a mention about Christmas, Christmas Eve and carols.

We should mention the current protests connected with revealing of the tape scandal. Even if they are victorious, that is, they will not lead to cancellation of discredited politicians, then our duty will be defending the sovereignty of the Polish country, forcing the government to act for the common welfare.

St. John Paul II said in Skoczow in 1995 that ‘the trial time of the Polish consciences is still going on. You must be strong in faith. Today, when you demand the form of political and state life, remember that, first of all, it depends on what people we will be like, and what our consciences will be like’.

The great primate August Hlond – to whom John Paul II often referred in his teaching – wrote in a pastoral letter ‘About tasks of Catholicism towards a fight with God’ that a victory would come but ‘the main injunction of today’s moment is starting the universal Catholic attack’. In another letter – ‘About Catholic moral rules’ the primate predicted that a new human being would grow out of spiritual fights of the XX century. ‘A full, free man should grow out with intact humankind, with orderly humankind, with an initiative, with duties and rights, who is united with the Creator and with the created world, united with his Redeemer and His law, united with the Holy Spirit and His grace. So, not a mechanical, electrical, soulless robot in the world of technology changed into a factory, but a real ruler of the world, lord of himself, and God’s servant’.

Will this new human being grow out during our life? He will, provided that many manifestations and protests in defence of religious and national values lead to respecting rules and moral norms in our country.


"Niedziela" 28/2014

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