Both the old and New chairman of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, said: ‘This parliament is the heart of the European democracy’. These words were said in Strasburg just after his re- election as the chief of the parliament. Schulz had been applying for the post of the chairman of the European Commission where, as it is known, there are the sweetest kinds of jam. However, taking over this post depended on results of socialists in elections to the EP in all countries of the European Union. Christian Democrats won and took over the initiative in the EU puzzle.

For a few dozen years socialists and Christian Democrats constitute two biggest political groups in the European Parliament and made an agreement of a close cooperation. They share not only the most important posts together, but, at present, behind the scenes, they communicate together in the matters of the common program activity. They are cheered by a good result of euro-sceptic and euro-realistic parties which introduced a stronger, than usually, representation into the Euro-parliament. The purpose of many rightist European politicians was breaking the monopoly and treaties of the EU coterie. Although the rightist party has got stronger definitely, but not so much as to achieve a realistic success.

However formally speaking, votes given by euro-deputies decided about the election of Schultz as the EP chief, still before the voting he could receive congratulations. The treaty decided about it. The closed treaty on the line of Christian Democrats – Socialists – European Council, where the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has a decisive voice. It was Mrs. Chancellor who enforced the candidacy of the former prime minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker as the chief of the European Commission which is to be acknowledged by the parliament. One can expect that it will be pure formality because, in return for supporting the socialist as the EP chief by the Christian Democrats, socialists will support the Christian Democrat Juncker as the chief of the European Commission. Similar treaties were contracted in relation to other posts and functions both in the European Parliament, Commission, and the Council. In order not to allow for any surprises with maintaining appearances of free democracy at the same time, election of the EP chief was carried out in a secret way. There were protests, but thanks to it, without any political or programming consequences, Christian democrats could vote for a socialist, who during the European election campaign officially expressed his attitude for removing the cross from the public space in the EU. So, should the ‘heart of the European democracy’ beat in this rhythm?

Citizens of the European Union, including Poles, have a right to feel deceived by the treaty which idolizes the rule: ‘A lot must be changed, so that everything would maintain as it has been so far’.


"Niedziela" 28/2014

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