Within preparations for the international congress concerning the academic pastoral ministry in Europe in Europe which is to be held in Lodz in 2015, during a three-day meeting (16-19 April), in Poland there were representatives of the Commission of Catechesis, Schools and Universities of the Conference Council of Europe Episcopates (CCEE): a Dutch priest Fr. Michel Remery – the Secretary of the Commission and an Irish priest Fr. Leon O Giollain SJ – the Secretary of universities section. They were hosted by the metropolitan of Lodz archbishop Marek Jedraszewski – having the function in CCEE as the Chair of the Commission of Catechesis, Schools and Universities and also the representative of the universities section. The Congress held under the motto: ‘Be and become responsible for life’ is going to be an interdisciplinary reflection on challenges of the modern world concerning life in its three dimensions: individual one, life in a community and faith. It concerns responsibility for one’s own life, responsibility for the life of another man and responsibility for God’s life in us. The spreading atheism in Europe, loneliness of the man, atomization of families, migrations, killing unborn children, elderly and ill people, increasing number of suicides among young people put people dealing with the youth in face of challenges which require deep reflection. For this purpose a meeting of people responsible for the youth in Europe has been planned.

The congress is going to be attended by bishops responsible for academic pastoral ministry in Episcopates of Local Churches in Europe, pastoral priests, professors of universities and students from whole Europe. Preparation of the congress from substantive and logistic side requires much work. The working meeting at the archbishop’s of Lodz of those responsible for this work ended with entrustment of the congress to Our Lady of Jasna Gora, to whom archbishop Marek Jedraszewski, Fr. Michel Remery and Fr. Leon O Giollain SJ went, visiting the editorial office of ‘Niedziela’ on this occasion, and giving an interview about the preparations for the congress and works of the Conference Council of Europe Episcopates.



"Niedziela" 28/2014

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