The Primate of Poland archbishop Wojciech Polak said during the central ceremonies of the Corpus Christi in Gniezno: – Corpus Christi is for us to learn to recognize God in our everyday life and make our life sensitive to God, so that in the name of God’s presence among us stretched out our arms in a gesture of reconciliation and forgiveness to those with whom our life is not easy.

– Besides the life-giving food which the Eucharist is, nearly every day different food reaches to us which brings havoc not only for this life but also the eternal life – archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, the Chair of the Polish Episcopal Conference said during a procession of the Corpus Christi in Poznan. – An example of this poisoned food are suggested blasphemous spectacles slandering our Redeemer in a vulgar way, mocking at the crucifix which is the symbol of all kinds of suffering, Golgotha of the East, Pawiak, Fort VII – archbishop Gadecki noted. The Chair of the Polish Episcopal Conference referred to intentions of organizers of Malta Festival Poznan in this way, who were planning to perform the spectacle ‘Golgotha picnic’ on the day of the Blessed Heart of Jesus, perceived as blasphemous and mocking at what is the holiest for Christianity. (Thanks to protests it was possible to lead to the withdrawal from this project)

– Maybe it is building one’s image on the scandal, sometimes being an ordinary way of functioning of an entertainment branch aspiring for the artistic name, a way of attracting attention through attacking the legal goods, among the others, religious feelings – said the Metropolitan of Poznan.

In the homily during the ceremony of the Corpus Christi in the parish church of Michael the Arch-angel, Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski expressed his defending attitude of conscience . He emphasized that in today’s times we need people connected with the stream of consciences. Thanks to such people, it will be easy to destroy the walls of lies and possession. He emphasized that history is not something abstract and that it is created by each of us through our decisions. Therefore there is an important question: How do we create this history? – We need an explicit staying by the truth, so that our speech – as Christ sad – would be: ‘Yes, yes; no, no. And what is beyond it, comes from the evil’. (see Mt. 5.37) – explained the deputy of the Chairman of the Polish Episcopal Conference.

After the Holy Mass celebrated at Jasna Gora Archbishop Waclaw Depo was presiding over a procession of the Corpus Christi from the Heart of Mother of Jasna Gora to the cathedral of the Holy Family. In the homily he noted that since the canonization of the two popes: John XXIII and John Paul II in Poland there has been a process of breaching human consciences which is proved by the attack on the Faith Declaration of doctors and on prof. Bogdan Chazan. His example is used to prove that the refusal to deprive an unborn child of life, saving an ill child are infringement against the sympathy to a mother and dooming her to suffering. He also mentioned the famous volleyball player – deceased Anna Mroz-Olszewska, a heroic mother who devoted her life for her child. Being faithful to conscience and parental love, she saved her daughter. Archbishop Depo, quoting an open letter of archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, addressed to the organizers of the Malta Festival Poznan, expressed his gratitude for this determined voice of the Church in Poland in defence of holiness. The Metropolitan of Czestochowa repeated after John Paul II, that the time of the trial of Polish consciences is still going on.


"Niedziela" 26/2014

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