On 10 June 2014 it has been the second death anniversary of the deceased prelate priest Marian Wiewiórkowski, who was a parish priest of the parish of St. Nicolas in Gomulin (archdiocese of Lodz) from 1997 till he died, where he based his pastoral ministry on ‘Niedziela’

Marian was an unusual man. He was remembered by everybody who knew him and to whom he had served as a unique priest. He was featured by faithfulness to Christ’s vocation and apostolic zeal in fulfilling priestly ministry. He lived very humbly, practically giving everything to those who were in need.

In the local environment he was famous as a great erudite, patriot and social activist who instilled his passion of love to Homeland and Polishness mainly in children and the youth here. Not for a reason did the Primary School in Gomulin take on his name on 25 October last year. Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski, the metropolitan of Lodz, and now also the vice-president of the Polish Episcopal Conference, sanctified the flag of the school then, on which there is an image of Fr. Wiewiorowski and the motto: ‘God – Honour – Homeland’ and a memorial table commemorating the person of the Patron. That ceremony took place in a modern sport hall of the school. Organizers joined it with the celebrations of the jubilee of 150 years of education in Gomulin.

Prelate Priest was an undisputed authority for that society. He instilled his expressed values, coming from his love to the Holy Scripture and the Catholic Church, among the others, into the life of the school community.

It is worth reminding Readers that the late prelate priest Marian Wiewiorowski was an unusual admirer of the Catholic Weekly ‘Niedziela’. In Gomulin, in the parish of about two thousand parishioners, every week 384 copies of our magazine were distributed. Not only in his last parish, but also in previous parishes where he was a priest, did he base his pastoral ministry just on ‘Niedziela’. He often said that, for example, visiting his parishioners at Christmas time, he had a lot to talk about with his parishioners, because they read Catholic newspapers, and, first of all, our weekly.

It was reminded in the sermon on 8 June this year, on the Day of Pentecost by Fr. Inf. Ireneusz Skubis – a chief editor of ‘Niedziela’ who co-celebrated the Holy Mass in the church in Gomulin on the occasion of the 2nd death anniversary of the Prelate Priest. The Priest Inf. Ireneusz Skubis also pointed to the charism of apostolate through ‘Niedziela’, which God gave to prelate priest Wiewiorowski. Referring to the truth of faith about the saints’ existence, he recalled the presence of this respectable priest. He thanked Fr. Jan Cholewa, the current priest of the community in Gomulin, and parishioners that they continue the work of evangelization via ‘Niedziela’, distributing its 180 copies every week.

The Holy Mass was presided over by the author of these words and was co-celebrated by: the mentioned Fr. Jan and Fr. Dr. Piotr Jura, the compatriot from here and fulfilling his ministry in Italy. After the Eucharist rewards were granted to, among the others, Fr. Marian distinguished for pupils of the primary school in this town, and also for the mayor of the municipality Wola Krzysztoporska Roman Drozdek.

The deceased priest Marian Wiewiorowski was a laureate of many ecclesiastical and state rewards. The expression of the recognition for his apostolic and patriotic ministry are, among the others, the rewards: the ‘Mater Verbi’ medal and the statuette ‘Sursum Corda’ which he received from the Chief Editor of ‘Niedziela’ and also ‘A saber of gen. Gluchowski’ and the medal ‘A heart to a child’.

Prelate priest Marian Wiewiorowski was born on 23 August 1937 in Grocholice. He was fulfilling his priestly ministry among the others, in Restarzew, Kociszew and the parish of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Lodz. He was also a spiritual father of alumni in the Higher Seminary in Lodz. In Gomulin he was a parish priest for 15 years and became famous as a saint and fervent priest. He did not forget about the role of Catholic media in the contemporary apostolate of the Divine Word. Taking care about bringing up children and the youth, he taught them values coming from love to God and Homeland. He had an extremely good contact with his mentees. He is an example worth following.

We remind our Readers about this personality, entrusting the deceased priest Marian to a prayer. As an editorial team we are proud that we could know him personally and enjoy friendship with such a noble person. Honor to his remembrance!


"Niedziela" 25/2014

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