Another book published by the Library of ‘Niedziela’ became a reason for inviting its author – prof. Zdzisław Jan Ryn to the aula of ‘Niedziela’ for a meeting which is inscribed in the tradition of his visits in our editorial office. Also the last one, from 2 June 2014 turned out to be extremely interesting. Those who could not attend the meeting for various reasons should regret. However, they can watch a film of this meeting placed in the online service of ‘Niedziela’ (www.niedziela.pl).

The book which we presented in the aula of ‘Niedziela’, although it was beautifully edited, in the context of the promotion event turned out to be an imperfect reflection of its main character. Therefore we all felt privileged and happier, being at the meeting and listening to prof. Zdzisław Ryn, because we could be with his live word. In addition, we could become the first owners of this unusual book whose title turned out to be a skillful summary of its content ‘Zdzisław Jan Ryn. A doctor, a traveler, a diplomat’.

Prof. Zdzisław Ryn – a modest man but aware of his achievements, about which he always speaks in the context of Divine Providence – as usually turned out to be an excellent talker. His colourful stories were often told in a light, humorous tone. But there were also deep reflections about the innocent suffering and punishment, problems of moral nature or evaluations of political and social character.

In his first words the professor recalled the picture of a five-year-old boy, reminiscing himself during the Second World War, when he was being interrogated to by Gestapo for illegal fishing with his friends and forced to report about them. He was paralyzed with fear then. This traumatic experience from his childhood set a strong direction to his life, defined his attitude to death, to extreme situations of the man and, finally, had an impact on his professional interests. He spoke about his masters: Antoni Kępiński, Igancy Domeyce and St. John Paul II with great respect and love.

An excellent summary of the meeting were the words of Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś who said: ‘A beautiful man told us about beautiful people…’.

So, when I returned home, I had to look into the book by prof. Ryn. Physically absent professor during reading, stood in front of me in my imagination as alive. After midnight, putting aside the book on the shelf, I knew that it will fulfill our expectations and requirements, that it will show the whole richness of the personality of prof. Zdzisław Jan Ryn, that it will present his hobby as a globetrotter, scientist, diplomat and will reflect the atmosphere of his unusual adventures in his life. It is worth reading it. The book can be ordered at: Tygodnik Katolicki ‘Niedziela’, ul. 3 Maja 12, 42-200 Częstochowa; www.ksiegarnia.niedziela.pl; tel. (34) 365-19-17, (34)369-43-00; kolportaż@niedziela.pl.


"Niedziela" 24/2014

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