The president of the USA arrived in Warsaw. Without visa, although Poles, whom he calls the greatest friends of the United States, still must stand in humiliating queues to receive American permits and pay for them huge amounts of money. Officially Barack Obama arrived at the 25th anniversary of celebrations of the so-called Feast of Freedom, but his real purpose was Russia.

In the context of aggression against Ukraine, the USA president decided to give Putin a few slaps. Not only did Obama personally arrive in Warsaw, but he also announced that he would apply to Congress to grant him a milliard dollars to strengthen NATO forces in the Central and Eastern Europe. He also assured that his country supported all members of NATO and that he would not leave Poland behind. Putin did not remain without any reaction and took a revenge stating that it is the USA which pursues the foreign policy which is ‘the most aggressive and the most ruthless one in the world’. He also dared to add that it is America, not Russia which has installed its military base nearly everywhere and interferes into the inner policy of many countries. This allusion also concerned Poland, where during a speech on the Castle square the American president confirmed the constant engagement of the USA and NATO in the safety of Poland. However, he did not decide to arrange a bigger number of NATO armies in our country. The declared milliard of dollars has, first of all, the propaganda dimension. The Polish government, via the mouth of the Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski, asked the Americans to send 10 thousand soldiers. In response only 150 brave soldiers arrived to our country. Unfortunately, it did not completely strengthen the sense of safety among Poles. For, nothing will replace American military basis. Even a child knows that the outer attack would mean a real conflict with America on such a base in Poland. We should remember that Obama arrived in Warsaw for the ceremony of the so-called Feast of Freedom, that is, elections on 4 June 1989. They were not free or democratic. No matter what the will of citizens was, communists guaranteed themselves 65 per cent of seats in the Seym, and, as a result of the earlier decisions in Magdalenka, gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski became a president and gen. Czesław Kiszczak became the new-old Foreign Minister . Recently the former president Lech Wałęsa has admitted: ‘We did not win on 4 June at all, the General had seized us’. It was such freedom at that time. The USA president Barack Obama participating in the celebration in Warsaw will surely be aware of it.


"Niedziela" 24/2014

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