In the church of the Sacred Heart of Lord Jesus in Kraków-Plaszow on 5 June 2014, the Holy Mass was celebrated in the intention of the late cardinal Stanislaw Nagy SCJ on the first anniversary of his death. The Holy Mass gathered many priests, among whom there was the senior archbishop from Krakow cardinal Franciszek Macharski. The Eucharist was presided over by prelate priest Stefan Misiniec and the homily was preached by the provincial of the Order to Priests of the Sacred Heart – Fr. Artur Sanecki SCJ. The priest reminded the biography of the Cardinal to everybody.

After the Holy Mass participants went to the aula of Domus Mater where they could listen to memories about cardinal Stanislaw Nagy. The host of the meeting – Fr. Grzegorz Piatek SCJ, who was a personal chaplain of the Cardinal emphasized that it is the time to thank God for the life of the great priest and professor but also to show gratitude to all those who had contributed to organizing the anniversary meeting and founding the museum.

Joanna Lubiniecka, the former student of Fr. Prof. Nagy and an editor of his book entitled: ‘On roads of life’, answering questions, said in her testimony, what she owed to the Cardinal as a professor and what she had taught from him as a man. She quoted anecdotes from her life at the Catholic University of Lublin as a student in a poignant and humorous way. Cardinal Nagy was a lecturer who wanted not only to give knowledge to the young, but also culture, good manners and, first of all – deep faith. Joanna Lubiniecka said that the Cardinal was demanding, an extremely honest scientist, always prepared for lectures and having broad knowledge not only on issues connected with the subject of his scientific studies, but also having knowledge in various spheres of theology and the current situation of the Church and the world. He spoke beautiful Polish language. He was upset with the situations when in the Church he saw faith treated seriously in the Church but not deeply. She emphasized that Fr. Stanislaw Nagy had been a man who had loved the Church. In all spheres of life and academic work he was an unambiguous man. He did not agree to any simplifications or half-truths because he often had to pay suffering for it. He loved students, cared about their life conditions, needs. He was their trustee and observed students’ actions in difficult times of communism. Everyone who was educated by him, was a man of good manners in the whole sense of this word.

Fr. Inf. Ireneusz Skubis was asked to give a word. The editor-in-chief of ‘Niedziela’ mentioned his last talk with the Cardinal which took place just before his death. It concerned the Nationwide Congress of Catholics ‘Stop atheism’ which was to be held at Jasna Gora. Cardinal Nagy had managed to prepare his speech which was read out during the meeting, because the Cardinal died before the beginning of the congress. Fr. Ireneusz Skubis emphasized that he still missed cardinal Nagy with whom he always could talk about difficult issues.

At the end Janina Swierzynska shared her short memories saying about cardinal Nagy as a pastor. When Fr. Karol Wojtyla became a bishop, cardinal Nagy took over his duties as a pastor of the medicine studying youth. Mrs. Janina emphasized that the Cardinal took care mainly of the inner personality of students. He had an unusual respect to every person, who came to him, regardless of what the person was and what he /she did. He was always interested in the fate of his mentees. He also liked high altitude mountain trips and skiing for which he used to take students. He also used to for such trips with Fr. Karol Wojtyla.

The testimony of these mountainous love and friendship with the later Holy Father are, among the others, saved letters of John Paul II to cardinal Nagy, which participants of the meeting could later see in the newly opened museum. They prove great friendship of these two priests who supported each other not only with words and good advice, but, first of all, with a prayer. It is beyond any doubt that today they are walking on heavenly routes together and intercede for the Church.


"Niedziela" 24/2014

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