FR. STANISŁAW TOMOŃ OSPPE, The spokesman of Jasna Góra

On 7 June 2014 the second Nationwide Pilgrimage of the alive Rosary under the motto: ‘The Blessed Virgin who believed’ arrived at Jasna Gora. The prayer was attended by about 20 thousand believers from all Polish dioceses. Rosary groups function in all dioceses in Poland. The pilgrimage was an occasion for integration of all prayer groups. In 2013 the work of the alive Rosary in Poland received a new nationwide structure, which was included in the Statutes of the Association ‘Alive Rosary’ and was acknowledged by bishops in June 2014 at a plenary conference of the Polish Episcopate in Wroclaw.

The pilgrimage of the alive Rosary was presided over by the senior bishop of the diocese of Łowicz Józef Zawitkowski who celebrated the Holy Mass at the Jasna Góra summit. It was concelebrated by 300 priests. The greeting words were said by Fr. Marian Waligóra, the sub-prior of the sanctuary on behalf of Jasna Góra. – Look, Mother, how many of us are here, at Jasna Góra of Rosary – bishop Zawitkowski said in a sermon. – Freedom must be gained and defended all the time with the Rosary – he appealed. He also referred to painful current matters. He said among the others: ‘Inhabitants of Warsaw, remove this symbol of Sodoma sins from the church of the Redeemer! Some people once were veiling this church with a square of Bolshevik constitution – it went to hell! Do not veil the church which is the home of our Redeemer with the sinful rainbow.


"Niedziela" 24/2014

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