Floribeth Mora Diaz, a lawyer from Costa Rica, healed through the intercession of St. John Paul II, just after his canonization, arrived in Poland, in order to see the homeland of the Saint Pope and give a testimony of her healing. On 10 May she met with archbishop Wacław Depo, the metropolitan of Częstochowa, the chairperson of the Council for Mass Media of the Polish Episcopal Conference and inhabitants of Częstochowa and pilgrims at Jasna Góra.

In the Cinema City Wolność there was a meeting, whose host was the editorial team of the weekly ‘Sunday’. – Floribeth Mora Diaz is a witness of the miracle. Mrs. Diaz received her second life, therefore this meeting can be compared to the morning of the resurrection – said Fr. Inf. Ireneusz Skubiś, the chief editor of ‘Sunday’. The meeting was connected with the projection of the film ‘John Paul II – ‘Santo Subito’. Testimonies of holiness’, whose media patron is ‘Sunday’. – We wanted to show the miracles through the intercession of John Paul II in a particular context – said Piotr Dziubak, the filmmaker. – Thanks to this movie image we can see that the further one is going away from Rome, the more one can see how the Polish Pope is current. – John Paul II with his life and message is present in everyday and simple life of so many people in Africa, Lebanon, Burma and Japan. It was even possible to reach such distanced peoples as the Eskimos.

Floribeth Mora Diaz said that she was happy to be in the homeland of John Paul II. – Everywhere, during those days I experienced friendliness and kindness – she said and stated: - Yes, I have been healed by God through the intercession of John Paul II.

Floribeth Mora Diaz emphasized that the family was the most important for her. – I am happy to share the story of my life with people. My desire is to leave a seed of hope in your hearts – she continued.

The meeting in Częstochowa was also attended by: her husband and sons, Missionaries Fathers accompanying the family of Diaz, among the others: Fr. Francis Filar who had the function of an interpreter, and also Marek Trojak from TIM Cinema and a filmmaker Piotr Dziubak. There were also local priests, representatives of Jasna Góra – Fr. Sebastian Matecki and Fr. Dariusz Cichor – and other male and female convents, people of culture, media, families with children.

Floriberth Mora Diaz was also a guest in the editorial office of “Sunday’, where she met with archbishop Wacław Depo. The archbishop noted that the meeting with Mrs. Diaz focused on gratitude and entrustment – the two words, which had recently been expressed in prayers at Jasna Góra. This gratitude to God for the gift of the person and canonization of John Paul II as well as for this all what was done by him, and which through his intercession reach us in various signs of God’s grace, also in the form of the testimony of the miraculous healing. Whereas entrustment is our reply which is expressed in the very presence, being the first and the basic testimony towards others. Archbishop Depo thanked Mrs. Diaz and her family for undertaking the effort of the pilgrimage in Poland, in order to share her testimony of healing, as well as to the media and artistic world which passes this event to people. He invited the guests from Costa Rica to Jasna Góra paths.

Certainly, Mrs. Diaz visited Jasna Gora. It was the main purpose of her stay in Częstochowa. She was praying during the Jasna Góra appeal prayer and the night vigil prayer. Before that she had met with pilgrims. There was also a meeting organized for inhabitants of Częstochowa in a bookshop Matras.

The guests from Costa Rica are going to stay in Poland till the mid of June in order to testify the miracle through the intercession of John Paul II.


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