Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś talks with Floribeth Mora Diaz – making a pilgrimage in the country of St. John Paul II

FR. IRENEUSZ SKUBIŚ: – You have undertaken a long pilgrimage through Rome to homeland of St. Polish Pope who contributed to Your healing. What is the greatest feeling, apart from gratitude, which you have now?

FLORIBETH MORA DIAZ: – First of all, I feel great responsibility for my proclaiming God’s Word where I am. I am doing it from my humble perspective; I am not a theologian but I really want to speak about God. In this way I want to bring some hope and faith to those places where I am.

– Your thanks to God and St. John Paul II are shared by your husband, sons – let’s note that the family is important in your life…

– What I find important is to help the world see the united family. This is the best example which I can leave – the example of the united family. Today but also all the time, the greatest basic value in my life was and is the family. Therefore I try to have my family: husband, children and grandchildren be with me wherever I talk about myself.

– You have arrived at Częstochowa, to the Black Madonna, to whom people from all over the world arrive. What are you going to tell Mary in Her Miraculous Image at Jasna Góra, who was also dear to John Paul II?

– First of all, I thank God that He let me arrive in this place. I want to present also all these requests and prayers at the feet of Mary of Jasna Góra, which I bring on my and other people’s behalf from Costa Rica, from my country, and from other places. This place is the most important for me during the pilgrimage in Poland. It is the place where John Paul II entrusted his steps to Our Lady. Preparing this pilgrimage, I was thinking also about Częstochowa. Lord Jesus said from the cross: ‘Here is your Mother’. And being just here, I am going to pray to Mary as our Mother.

– What do you want to tell Poles during your pilgrimage to homeland of St. John Paul II?

– Not to be afraid of entrusting ourselves to Christ. So that we could decide to entrust ourselves and develop our faith in our hearts, because it is the only way in which we will be able to reflect God’s glory.

– What reactions do you see during your meetings with Polish pilgrims both in Rome and in Poland? What are your impressions about the pilgrimage in Poland?

– I meet with great friendliness and with great desire of meeting me. It was similar in Rome where I was before the canonization. I had three occasions to meet with Polish pilgrims in Rome and it was something unusual for me to see their feelings to me. I also had a pleasure to host them in Costa Rica where they came before the canonization to meet me.

– Thank you very much for visiting Częstochowa, that you were with us before the projection of the film ‘John Paul II – ‘Santo subito’. Testimonies of holiness’. Thank you also for arriving at the TV studio of ‘Niedziela’ and I wish you further good journey in Poland.

– Thank you for inviting me to the editorial office, also for a possibility for a meeting in the cinema. For me this all is very important, also such interviews because they are a contemporary form of evangelization. It is also a chance for me to give this testimony to people in all parts of the world. And I want to tell the world that God’s mercifulness is great and ask us to have faith in God every day…


"Niedziela" 20/2014

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