During the general audience on 2 April 2014, pope Francis devoted his last catechesis within the cycle discussing particular sacraments, to the marriage sacrament. He pointed out to the fact that the marriage community is a reflection of the unity of the Holy Spirit and shows Christ’s love to the Church. He also encouraged for taking care of the family prayer.

The Holy Father emphasized that marriage reflects the relation which the Christ established with the Church. – It means that marriage is responsible for specific vocation and should be considered as consecration – he stated. – Marriage life is excellent, is great!- he said. – And we must always guard it, take care of children. I have said a few times here, on the Square of St. Peter, that three words help the marriage life: ‘Can I?’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I am sorry’ – reminded the Holy Father.


I give my cordial greetings to Poles. The anniversary of death of blessed John Paul II, which is today, directs our thought to the day of his canonization, which we are going to celebrate at the end of this month. Let this waiting for this event be our occasion for our spiritual preparation and revival of the faith heritage which he left for us. Following Christ, he was a steadfast proclaimer of God’s Word, truth and goodness in the world. He even testified goodness even in his suffering. It was the teaching of his life, to which God’s people answered with great love and worship. Let his intercession strengthen our faith, hope and love. Let my apostolic blessing support you on the days of this preparation.

General Audience, 2 April 2014.


In a reflection preceding the ‘Angelus’ prayer on Sunday 6 April 2014, pope Francis repeated the words a few times: ‘There is no limit of Divine Mercifulness given to everybody’. The Holy Father pointed out that life of believers in Jesus changes into full and immortal life after death. He said that Christ tell us to come out of our grave, leave a prison in which we closed ourselves, being satisfied with false, egoistic and average style of life.


Pope Francis gave a pocket edition of the Gospel to believers participating in the Sunday ‘Angelus’ prayer on 6 April 2014 on the Square of St. Peter in Rome. The volume specially edited by the Vatican printing house, includes four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. It starts with a quotation from the apostolic Exhortation ‘Evangelii gaudium’ of pope Francis: ‘Joy of the Gospel fulfills the heart and the whole life of those who meet with Jesus’. On inner pages of the cover there are tips how to say the Chaplet of Divine Mercifulness and also the text of a prayer of blessed Jan Henryk Newman ‘Dear Jesus…’, whose saying was recommended to her co-sisters by blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta. Encouraging the gathered to take the copy of the Gospel, the Holy Father noted that according to the old tradition of the Church, in the Lent the Gospel was given to catechumens who were getting prepared for their baptism. –Therefore, today I want to give the pocket Gospel to you who are present on the Square, but as a sign for everybody. You will receive it free. Take it, have always with you and read it every day: it is Jesus who speaks to you – explained the pope Francis.

In return, he asked believers to make this gift an act of mercy, a gesture of unconditioned love.- Today we can read the Gospel via technological devices. We can have the whole Bible in the phone or a tablet. It is important to read God’s Word via any possible means and accept it with the open heart. Then the good seed will bring a fruit! – noted the Holy Father.


The Papal Council for Mass Media is 50 years old. Exactly on 2 April 1964, Paul VI established the Papal Commission (because it was the name of the dycastery at that moment which was dealing with media). As its current chairman – archbishop Claudio Maria Celli reminds- the history of this institution reaches back to 16 years earlier, when a special commission for cinematography was established, gradually popularizing the interest of the Church also in other signs of the mass culture.


The chairman of the Papal Council for Health Service and Pastoral Ministry for the Ill – archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski addressed a special message on the occasion of the World Day of Autism celebrated on 2 April. He noted the need of integration of autistic people and breaking social barriers, which isolate people afflicted by this kind of disability.

He noted that this disability can be included to ‘new forms of poverty and weaknesses’ which are mentioned by pope Francis in his Exhortation ‘Evangelii gaudium’, pointing out to the need of being close to people afflicted by autism and recognize suffering Christ in them. Besides that, archbishop Zimowski stated that we need particular actions in order to overcome difficulties, which are faced by autistic people and their families.

‘We need to undertake a direction of integration in the community, breaking isolation and barriers resulting from prejudices and pathologies, strengthening inter-human relations’ – wrote archbishop Zimowski.


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