The Polish government supports people with distorted sexual identity, it comes out with its own proposal of the procedure of the so-called sexes change, exceeds its public competences

The Sejm has been concentrated on the parliamentary project of the Movement of Palikot so far, which was to make it possible for ‘sexes change ’of people with psychically disorder of their recognition of their sexes, depending on what these people feel subjectively in these issues. The project of the party of Palikot violates fundamental constitutional rules, among the others, the article 18 of the Constitution, prohibiting legal relations and single-sex marriages. The project of Palikot also undermines fixed constructions of the civil law system, administrative law system, as well as it ignores the basic findings of medical sciences. Despite that, after the first reading, it was directed to further legislative works due to the votes of leftist parties, leaders of the Polish People’s Alliance and most MPs of the Civic Platform. Speaking on behalf of the government at that moment, the vice-minister of justice, Jerzy Kozdroń, expressed his grief and sympathy to people suffering from disorder of sexual identity and promised that for respect of dignity of those several people in Poland, the government …..will help them in preparing provisions which will allow them to find their place in the public life, in their felt sexes.

Sexes are defined by administration

The prime minister did not say a word about an offer of medical help to those ill people. So, Mr. Kozdroń promised that the government would help this group maintain its sufferings, and, as a result, it will also bring it others. Mr. Kozdroń, as I mentioned, did not perceive these problems of these people as the ill ones. None authority, however, should meet expectations or demands resulting from the illness state of a patient – it should rather help ill people in treating this illness. We should also remember that it is psychic illness which exposes these ill people to a particular intolerance of the surroundings. Declaration of the vice-minister was dictated only with the respect of the so-called political correctness because medical findings do not undergo any discussions. Anyway, as it is obvious, neither race, nor sexes can be changed – neither appeals nor intrusive aggressive demands of common revolts groups and leftist groups will change this fact. So, the Justice Minister promised to help the group of people suffering from their sexes in their deceiving and omitting their nature; in fact, it decided to help them in consolidating the pathology tormenting them. If a psychic illness concerns a healthy body, we will not be able to adjust this healthy body to the mind of an ill person , but we can only treat his mind.

In order to implement these ministerial announcements of the last year, recently the ‘Project of Assumptions of the act project concerning the amendment of the civil proceeding Code - family and caring Code, act about professions of a doctor and dentist and other acts’ has been published. It is the project creating procedures of ‘sexes changes’ and legalizing results of this legal activity in the system of many acts of the Polish law, through their amendments. In order to make electors and bystanders dormant, in order to diminish and hide the problem, the government is trying to change particular fragments of the Polish law, without implementing the base act – entitled clearly, that it concerns ‘sexes change’ – so that it could somehow create the basis for ‘sexes change’ in the background. The project does not use the irritating term ‘sexes change’, but it only introduces unclear, ambiguous phrases, such as ‘sexes correction’ or ‘change of metrical sex inscribed in the birthday act’. Governmental proposals come from irritating assumption, contradictory with science and nature, that the man can change his/her sex into a subjectively, actually ‘felt’. This assumption is false because if somebody is born with a physically healthy body, but genetic medical examinations show that it is a woman or a man, then a politician cannot make law which negates the natural state, medically confirmed. Governmental proposals stipulate quite a simple road to make ‘sexes correction’ or ‘change of metrical sex’. A person who would psychically feel that despite the healthy body of a man or a woman, is not him/her and would like to ‘change her/his sex’ into the one’ he/she ‘feels’, would file a request to a psychiatrist –in the light of these proposals – who would examine this psychic ‘feeling’ and would examine if it is ‘permanent’. Next, the diagnosis of a psychiatrist would be examined by a doctors’ commission which would confirm the new ’psychic’ sex of a patient with the statement in the form of an administrative decision. Adults or children at the age of 16, with the mediation of a statutory carer, could apply for ‘sexes change’ which is contradictory with decisions of family law and civil law today.

How to omit the Constitution?

On the basis of the administrative decision, a commune would give a temporary document to a patient, confirming the ‘new, psychically felt sexes’. After that, a patient could – but would not have to – undergo a surgical operation adjusting a healthy body to a particular sex, ‘felt’ by the ill psyche of a patient. In this way a doctor would participate in injuring a healthy body, which, according to the today’s legal state, is punitive as a crime, especially if it would deprive a patient of a possibility of begetting offspring (and these operations would be based on it).

The project of the assumptions stipulates amendments of many provisions of the Polish law, in order to ‘embed’ this new ill legal construction and its consequences within correct present provisions corresponding to nature. Proposals of ‘sexes change’ prepared by the Justice Ministry in agreement with the healthy minister and the proxy of the government for equal treatment – Mrs. Agnieszka Kozłowska – Rajewicz, open a simple road to omit the article 18 of the Constitution for the same sex couples, homosexual couples. A person of male sex, for example, in order to enter a legally protected ‘marital’ relation with another man, could only carry out the procedure proposed by the government concerning the ‘sexes change’ into the sex of ‘a woman’. After gaining such an administrative decision, when a doctors’ commission will state, in contradictory with nature and medical sciences, that a particular man is a woman from this or that day, it will open a way for this person to full using the status of a woman stipulated in the Polish law. It means that a man will medically and genetically use all rights stipulated for women in all spheres of life, for example, in the sphere of insurances, privileges in the sphere of employment, etc. This person, physically, biologically - a man, and psychically, under the administrative decision – ‘a woman’ will gain the right for contracting a marriage with another biological man. He will also gain the right, for example, to participate in sports with women, for example, in artistic gymnastics although such a person, only psychically ‘a woman’, but biologically having the body of a man, will always have prevalence over natural women. However, it is not clear how such a physically man, but under the administrative decision of a few doctors – ‘a pure woman’, will use medical care, typical and stipulated only for men, for example, in the case of prostate illness? There is a problem indeed, because the body of ‘a woman’ psychically, will still function as the body of a man, with all ailments connected with a particular sex.

Presenting the governmental project of assumptions of the act allowing for falsifying natural phenomena contradictory with biology, state clerks grossly exceeded their competence in realizing public tasks for the common welfare. Not having a legitimacy coming from elections, they stood on the side of a leftist opinion, to which they do not have any right! What is more, surveys of public opinion show that Poles do not express their content to such experiments. Whereas doctors - more and more often – instead of bringing relief in suffering, they evoke and deepen them. Today doctors quite often opt for political correctness than mission of treating people. Similarly as the current leftist health minister Bartosz Arłukowicz, a doctor, they reject rules of natural phenomena for the sake of adulation for fashions contradictory with nature. Single, unique medical cases of people characterized both by physical features of the both sexes should be the subject of investigations and suitable therapies. However, the existence of such people cannot be the basis for creating a special law, making it possible for the man who is physically healthy – a ‘change’ or ‘correction of sexes’. It is impossible to change sexes! Such a person should, according to facts, exist publicly as a person of a physical (medical) sex, with which she/he was born, which was recognized during her/his birth. However, if the person has different feelings about the sexual identity than the specifics of her/his body, then she/he should receive help in life and problems connected with it, we should persistently help this person in achieving physical-psychical coherence. It is also a form of cross for those suffering people, which is also being carried by people touched by health problems. They also need our support of prayer.


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