Canonization Mercifulness spark which was given to representatives of all Polish dioceses and public services from cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz on 30 March, on Palm Sunday, and on 13 April bishops will pass it to youth delegations from particular parishes and representatives of local governments and social institutions, like hospitals, hospices, orphanages, social care houses and prisons. – Before canonization of John Paul II we want to unite Poles at the Mercifulness fire – initiators of the action, the representatives of the Foundation ‘Work of the New Millennium’ say.

In December 2003 John Paul II blessed the fire which has been burning since then in front of the image of Merciful Jesus in the church in Łagiewniki. This fire will be passed to youth delegations from all Polish dioceses from cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz on 30 March 2014.

The purpose of the initiative is to present the words of revelation written in the diary of St. Sister Faustyna, that a spark would come out of Poland, which would prepare the world for the final arrival of Christ. The flame called the Mercifulness Spark, passed on from hands to hands all over Poland, and also outside its borders, will be– in the opinion of organizers of the action – a good reminder about the unusual cult of the Polish Pope to Divine Mercifulness.

For John Paul II called us to ‘to light the spark of God’s grace’ and ‘pass on the mercifulness fire to the world’, during a consecration of the Sanctuary of Divine Mercifulness in Łagiewniki in August 2002. It was a direct reference to the words which Jesus had said to St. Faustyna Kowalska.: ‘[From Poland] a spark will come out which will prepare the world for my final arrival’. In Divine Mercifulness the world will find peace and the man will find happiness! (…) Be witnesses of mercifulness!’ – said the Holy Father then.

Passing on the candle is to be accompanied by a special prayer proclaimed by the pope on the day of consecration of the Mercifulness church. ‘We want the prayer to reach with the fire to homes and be said in the family on the day of canonization of John XXII and John Paul II’ – says Rzeczko.

During the liturgy in Cracow, nearly 200 lanterns are to be passed on, supplied by the Association of Graduates of the Foundation Work of the New Millennium’ – ‘Work’. On the walls of the lanterns there are to be images of Merciful Jesus, St. Faustyna and John Paul II. Other 100 lanterns are to be given to communities by scholarship students of the Foundation.



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