In Rome, during a fashion show, whose income was to be intended for a charity purpose, at one moment, gathered viewers experienced a shock, because, after presenting a collection by young models, Mother Theresa ran out into a catwalk. A surprised announcer first got flabbergasted and later said: So far we have seen pretty girls, but now we see a truly beautiful woman’. It was just Mother Theresa who presented a testimony of beauty born from the inner harmony, from grace of following Christ. The story was told by Fr. dr. hab. Janusz Królikowski who was giving retreats for the Order of Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem at Jasna Góra on 7-9 March 2014, under the motto: ‘850years of the foundation of Polish members of the Order of Holy Sepulcher as an inspiration for the development of the religious Order’.

- The Sepulcher of Lord is a school of God’s cult – he said. – Therefore intellectual and charity works of the members of the Order of Holy Sepulcher brought a lot of contribution into the history of the Church. Their idea somehow speaks with God’s voice. It is also a call for them to accept God’s action with humility but also with courage. So, it is necessary to fight for them all the time. A Christian has an excellent weapon. For, standing at the Sepulcher of Christ we feel a spectacular impact of God who in his intention connected the death of Jesus with His resurrection.

- Crusaders took relics of places connected with Christ’s Passion to the West - said the preacher. – Thanks to it, new ‘loca santca’ appeared which encouraged to an intercession prayer. This is how the feast of the Holy Sepulcher appeared in Europe, which became a patronal feast for the crusades from Miechów. And Matins about the Holy Sepulcher were created. The Religious Order is a heir of the great tradition, showing how to give a testimony to others, in order to attract them. Members of the Order also promoted the cult to Jesus’ Mother. In theology the deity of Christ is connected with Mary. The angel heralded her: ‘You are full of God’s grace’.

Fr. Królikowski noted the scene of Resurrection in the altar of the basilica in Miechów, whose artistic expression and strength of impact can develop faith of the members of the Order. When coming closer to the altar one can feel as if one was ascending with Christ from a grave. The artist showed a while of His glory and triumph. It is a symbol of the victory over death, which can also be our victory. But being aware of the surrounding evil, we must avoid a sin because it takes us away from God. Experiencing the liturgy of the Good Friday, we cheer ourselves that it is not the last act of Jesus’ life. And the good will triumph so, the glorious life after the victory over death! We should perceive Resurrection as the Truth which is demanded by the logics of the human existence. Thanks to being in it, we will rise to glory with Jesus. The members of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher have a particular role of giving this testimony. – Put on the armor of the light and turn the brilliance of resurrection into mercifulness deeds – called the preacher. – Good is born from grace and the grace makes the man morally beautiful. We should do the good and give it a direction. So, the members of the Order concentrate on supporting the Christians in the Holy Land – emphasized Fr. Królikowski.

The retreats of the Order at Jasna Góra were also full of rich liturgical fitting. The members of the Order were singing the Matins about Christ’s Sepulcher, celebrated the Way of the Cross on the walls of Jasna Góra, participated in the Holy Mass in front of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady. On Friday 7 March, the Eucharist was presided by archbishop Wacław Depo. – We are glad that in this place of entrustment, at home of the Mother, we can experience the summit of Eucharist with you on the 850th anniversary of the foundation of Polish members of the Order. Members of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher are witnesses of the Grave which explodes with love, love of Christ, winning over death and every human enslavement. Therefore, here, near Mary’s heart we ask for necessary power and strength for our everyday life – said archbishop Depo. On 8 March the Eucharist was presided by Fr. Nikodem Gdyk from the Commissariat of the Holy Land, and the homily was preached by Fr.Janusz Królikowski. In the end the Act of Entrustment to Our Lady was read out.

During the Appeal Prayer at Jasna Góra, in which the members of the Order participated, reflection was carried out by the ecclesiastical ceremony master Fr. dr. Jerzy Bielecki. On Sunday 9 March, on the last day of retreats, he presided over the Holy Mass, and the homily was preached by Fr. Królikowski. The Eucharist was broadcast by the Television Trwam.

The retreats were finished with a Prayer of a Knight, presided by a commander with the star of Karol Szlenkier – a superior of the Superiority of the Order. He also presented a text of an answer to a telegram to the participants of the retreats, which Polish members of the Order received from the grand master of the Order cardinal Edwin Frederic O’Brien. He recommended them the following of Jesus based on poverty, also encouraging them to get to know the content included in the message of pope Francis for the Lent 2014. In response, the members of the Order assured that they would not stop working for the sake of the Christians in the Holy Land.


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