Fr. Stanisław Tomoń OSPPE, the spokesman of Jasna Góra


Another CD of Jasna Góra Music of Long Time Ago was nominated to Fryderyk in the category of classical music. It is a CD ‘Jasna Góra Music of the long time ago. Musica Claromontana’ – vol. 54 ‘Dark Matins’, performed by the Band of Singers of Katowice City ‘Camerata Silesia’ under the supervision of Anna Szostak. The CD was released by the Publishing House Musicon.

The CD is enriched with choral singings. Melodies of lamentations of Jeremiasza were taken from Cantionale of the Pauline Fathers.

The complementation of the album is the beautiful ‘Misere’ by Tomasso Bai. This musical composition was performed together with the famous ‘Miserere’ of Gregorio Allegri by papal musicians during a ceremony of the Great Week.


In the seminary in Częstochowa the peregrination of the Image of Our Lady of Jasna Góra, which is going to last till the end of the Lent. On 23 February, during the Appeal prayer at Jasna Góra in the Chapel of the Miraculous Image, the prior of Jasna Góra gave the replica of the Miraculous Image to the community of the seminary in Częstochowa and Sosnowiec which have the common headquarter. The icon accompanies the community during the Holy Mass every morning, and next inhabitants of the seminary take the icon to their rooms successively, where the icon is for 24 hours. The personal prayer in the silence of their clerics’ flats is also accompanied by the Book of Entrustment in which alumni and priests write their prayers, thanks and requests to Mary – says the cleric Tomasz Podlewski. – It is worth noting that the solemn giving of the Icon to the community of seminary took place exactly a week after the death of the deceased prelate priest inf. Józef Wójcik, whose life was strongly marked by care about peregrination of the Jasna Góra Image throughout Poland – adds the cleric from Częstochowa.


A prayer for Ukraine takes place at Jasna Góra every day. The Rosary prayer for peace in the world had a particular dimension on Saturday 22 February. On the day of prayer and fasting for Ukraine, on 28 February one could hear even readings in Ukrainian language.

Knights of Columbus who were reliving their pilgrimage at Jasna Góra during the dramatic reports from the Eastern border, when in Kiev people were killed, started creating prayer ‘Bridges of Unity and Brotherhood’.

At the meeting of the Congregation of the Responsible of the Light-Life Movement, which was also taking place at that tense time behind our Eastern border, there were also members of the community from Ukraine present. In their opinion not only is a prayer for the Ukrainians necessary but also great work on upbringing for freedom. – Acts do not change human hearts. Hearts somehow destroyed by tens of years of the communist ideology which has not disappeared from the Ukrainian land yet. Upbringing the man to freedom, to Christian life is our task -said one of the members of the community from Ukraine on air of the Jasna Góra Radio.

At Jasna Góra during every Holy Mass, there are prayers said in the intention of Ukraine and also Pauline Fathers performing their ministry in the East, and who ask for prayer support in the letter sent to Jasna Góra.


On 22-23 February 2014 there was the Second Nationwide Pilgrimage of Knights of Columbus. There were also members of the Order from many councils in Poland with their families – totally about 130 people.- An adult man, who is a Catholic practitioner and fulfilling Catholic duties, receiving holy sacraments and willing to help others, can become a member of the Knights of Columbus. Such men are really welcome and invited to our group – said Stanisław Dziwiński, a regional delegate of Knights of Columbus in Poland. They have four principles of action: mercifulness, unity, brotherhood and patriotism.

The Order of Knights of Columbus was founded in 1882 by Fr. Michael McGivney. The Knights were united by the ideal of Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America, who brought Christianity to the New World. The most important thing for the members of the Order is faithfulness to the Catholic Church and its mission. The activity of Knights of Columbus is, first of all, the charity activity, life defence and supporting vocations for priesthood and convent life.

On Saturday 22 February, the Holy Mass, in front of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady and attended by Knights of Columbus, was presided over by senior archbishop Stanisław Nowak, who said in the homily: - A knight is somebody who is fighting, but in the Christian sense there is not a fight against anybody, there is a fight ‘about’, not a fight ‘against anybody’.

The further schedule of the day included a rosary prayer for peace in the world and the Jasna Góra Appeal prayer. The Holy Mass on Sunday 23 February in the Jasna Góra Basilica was presided over Fr. canon Ryszard Umański, the chaplain of the Council 14955, who also gave a homily. At the end of the Mass, the Entrustment Act of Knights of Columbus to Our Lady was read.


8 March – Women’s Day at Jasna Góra. The Holy Mass at 4.45 p.m., after the Eucharist a meeting in the Rosary Chapel.

10 March – Secondary school graduates of Archdiocese of Poznań (I group)

14 March – Secondary school graduates of Archdiocese of Wrocław; Secondary school graduates of Diocese of Gliwice

15 March – The National Pilgrimage of Hussars to Jasna Góra

15 March –V Pilgrimage of Church Musicians

15 March – ‘Jasna Góra meetings with history’ – visiting the sanctuary with a guide. Participation in the visiting is free. The issue: defence walls, Arsenal, Bastion of St. Roch. The starting place in front of Jasna Góra Information Centre at 10.00.


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