The Federation Council, the Higher Chamber of the Russian Parliament, on 1 March 2014 allowed for using the Military Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin addressed this request for such a consent to the Chamber. The request was supported by 90 members of the Federation Council, that is, everybody who had been registered during the extraordinary meeting of the Chamber. The decision of the Federation Council was implemented with the moment of its being outvoted, that is, on Saturday on 1 March at 7.22 p.m. of the Moscow time (4.22 p.m. of the Polish time).

It is not clearly defined whether the military interference of Russia in Ukraine will be limited only to Kremlin or if Moscow wants to bring its armies to other regions of this country. The prime minister of Ukraine Arsenij Jaceniuk called Russia to peaceful solving the conflict. He demanded the withdrawal of Russian soldiers to their bases. However, Russia does not want to talk with Ukraine about the partnership contract.- If there are not any definite actions of the Ukrainian country and international organizations – EU, NATO – then Putin will acknowledge it as an encouragement in order to subordinate the collapsing country to himself. This is the biggest test of Ukraine after the Second World War – said Dariusz Sobków, the former titular ambassador of Poland at the EU.

- Actions of Russia in Ukraine are a threat to the safety of Europe, and Russia must hamper its military actions and threats – stated the general secretary of the NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who had summoned a meeting of the North-Atlantic Council because of military actions of Russia in Ukraine and threats of president Putin against this sovereign nation. As Rasmussen said what Russia is doing in Ukraine ‘breaches the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and threats peace and safety of Europe’.

- The North-Atlantic Alliance condemned the actions of Russia in Kremlin and called for withdrawal of armies to bases – informed the general secretary of NATO after the extraordinary meetings of the North-Atlantic Council and the commission of NATO-Ukraine. – We condemn military escalation from Russia in Kremlin. We are seriously concerned by the fact of expressing a consent by the Russian parliament to using forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine – stated the NATO countries. – Military actions of Russia against Ukraine is a breach of the international law and a breach of principles of the NATO-Russia Council and Partnership for Peace – stated politicians from NATO countries.

The chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel accused president of Russia of having breached the international law with his military interference. During a phone call with the chancellor Merkel, the leader of Russia accepted her proposal of setting up the international Organization of Safety and Cooperation in Europe in order to undertake a Russian-Ukrainian political dialogue. Putin also agreed to the mission of international Organization of Safety and Cooperation in Europe, which according to the German proposal would investigate the situation in Kremlin within reconnaissance mission – informed the deputy of the spokesman of the German government Georg Streiter.



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